August 18, 2019 | Filosofashion Fashion Blog
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18 Aug

How to dress modest but stylish: One dress choice

How to dress modest but stylish
Wondering how to always have this one bomb thing in your closet that will be fabulous and comfy? I got a solution for you! The one modest and fabulous thing you need in your wardrobe! How to dress modest but stylish? The answer is a dress! It might seem too cheesy and trivial, but it's literally one thing that will always save your life in any situation. You may think that jeans are the best choice, but it's not the right solution, because not everyone is going to consider jeans as a basic and everyday wardrobe. And let's be honest here, jeans are very occasional and not as feminine as dresses are. What could be the perfect stylish but still. modest outfit?...
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