August 14, 2021 | Filosofashion Fashion Blog
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14 Aug

20 Best Jeans For A Pear Shape Or A-Line Body

best jeans for a pear shape
Are you struggling to find the best jeans for a pear shape body? Join my comprehensive discourse on how to choose the best jeans for your body type! One of the most common types of body shapes is the pear shape. The same pear with wide hips and small breasts, which for some reason is not loved by its owners and is so attractive and feminine in the eyes of all men. How to dress correctly for women of this type? That is obvious that every woman wants to look great. Attractiveness directly depends on the ability to choose clothes correctly. Judging by the statistics, the type of figure called "pear" is the second most common, right after the "rectangle" body shape. Most...
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