October 11, 2021 | Filosofashion Fashion Blog
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11 Oct

Dresses for short women per body shape: How to choose the right one

dresses for short women
Are you wondering how to find dresses for short women as per your body shape? This is what a stylist has to say! How to choose the right dresses for short women of petite size depending on the shape and the occasion? For my miniature height (160 cm), I managed to create an excellent collection of outfits, they all fit me perfectly and visually lengthen my silhouette. Many of my friends are constantly trying to figure out how I manage to dress so stylishly and beautifully despite my small stature. You are interested? Then let's get started! How to choose the right dresses for short women? When choosing a dress, first understand whether you like it or not. If so, go through this checklist to...
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