May 4, 2022 | Filosofashion Fashion Blog
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4 May

Gorgeous Garnet Wedding Ideas: Stone, Rings, Dress & Invitations

garnet wedding
Are you wondering how could your wedding look like with garnet color palette? This article has all the answers! Are you looking for Garnet Wedding Ideas? If you're planning a wedding and decided on garnet as your accent color, you probably already know something about this beautiful shade. But maybe not everything. Here are some details that you may not have been aware of: Garnet is a dark red stone with a sparkly surface that shines in the light. It's named for the Latin word for pomegranate, Granatum. The name has also occasionally been used to refer to any deep red gemstone (although today, many people would call that kind of stone “ruby”). ETSY ETSY ETSY If you're wondering how to pronounce this shade's name correctly, it's like “gar-net,”...
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