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16 Sep

7 Holy Grail Drugstore Skincare Dupes: My daily routine

The best skincare dupes

All your favorite face creams are too expensive? Here are the best skincare dupes I found!

Drugstore Skincare Dupes
Drugstore Skincare Dupes

La Mer is not only one of the most expensive face creams out there, but also one of the best due to its ingredient. I have taken a closer look at the list of contents and found out that the 1st ingredient is Seaweed. Yes, there has been a lot of debates that German Nivea cream has the same identical basis and costs only 8$, but Nivea cream doesn’t contain seaweed or whatsoever.

If you literally try out these two creams you will see that Nivea was not made for the face as it leaves grease and stickiness. It might be suitable for skin that is atopic or very dry. Second of all, a body cream cannot be used on your face specifically while we have much better substitutes out there.

I came across Mario Badescu Seaweed night cream. That is one of the best choices to use instead of La Mer. You can disregard the statement that is a night cream, it doesn’t matter a lot if it’s day or night treatment. That basically means that night substance has more beneficial ingredients.

Mario Badescu Seaweed Night Cream is definitely my choice and it’s only 16$ compared to La Mer’s price of 325$. If you compare Nivea cream and Mario’s treatment- it’s literally earth and heaven. Use beauty products wisely!

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Drugstore Skincare Dupes

Vitamin C serums are a separate topic to be discussed. Not many of you know that Vitamin C is very peculiar to use. Ascorbic Acid gets ruined when in contact with air. So that means that if you use a serum that is not hermetically sealed, this molecula will get ruined within seconds.

The best treatment with Vitamin C is Drunk Elephant. They have the patent for this formula and it’s packed as per rules of preserving the benefits.

Drunk Elephant can be on a pricy side and here is my very best solution. Vitamin C in capsules and other serum. Number one is of course in Capsules – this is literally “one love” treatment. Exuviance Vitamin C Capsules do eve better job that Drunk Elephant. Each capsule is hermetically packed to be used every day. I have ordered one and will use during Autumn/Winter season.

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The other one is Zoe Ayla Vitamin C Serum. Do not forget to seal the Vitamin C on top because it has the tendency of airing out. Use the serum in conjunction with a moisturizer accordion to your skin type.

I use a Hyaluronic acid cream on top of every serum. Hyaluronic acid does a good job as a moisturizer But be careful with it and also consider your climate since it attracts moist from the surrounding. What works for me is Filorga cream. However, I also found Cosarex hyaluronic cream which I like even better. Korean cosmetics is the best and I will not stop talking about it!

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