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30 Jan

Are You self-punishing yourself: your inner voice

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How important it is to listen to your inner voice

Have you ever felt discomfort in your own body with a feeling of guilt without knowing where it came from? Probably you are self-punishing yourself!

Rarely we do stop and analyze what happened throughout the day and we almost never observe out feeling in the body, whether it’s a feeling towards something or someone.

How do we self-punishing ourselves? We stopped feeling the need to listen to our inner self, which is basically our inner voice or so-called intuition. Intuition is known to be or navigator through life choices that we tend to ignore on the daily basis.

So you catch yourself being in a situation where your inner voice is telling to do one thing and your mind starts a battle immediately because our mind is like a computer program that also gets updated every year just like Apple. Yes, we are biological robots with a “GPS” that is called a gut. So why do we have all these feelings then if the navigator inside of us has been built up since the beginning?

And why do you feel the guilt? Are you self-punishing yourself for being stuck in a mental and inner voice battle?

All the answers are already in the questions. The only thing that could actually help you is accepting the guilt, self-punishment and mental abuse. Accept it inside of yourself and admit that you are punishing yourself.

When you admit you don’t agree without feeling it’s already 50 % of success. The rest will come when you say how would you like it to be instead. And the point of would to really listen to your inner voice and understand whether this wish is coming from the heart or from your mind.

Good things cannot come out of your analytical mind. Your mind and consciousness are full of prejudice and socially acceptable frames. Believing what other people tell you, you should do and look likened this is why we are so afraid about other people opinion about us. We have gained social anxiety where we are afraid of Instagram dislikes negative comments and especially opposite sex disapproval.

Love is…

Self-love must be radical
Self-love must be radical

Just from the 0,001 second negative feeling of someone rejecting you or disapproving off of you, we punish ourselves. That punishment gets birth to self-abuse and mental illness. And all of that comes from the lack of love to yourself.

Love is not just a feeling, it’s the energy on which everything in the world is created. And once again I remind myself and you about it. Because it’s not the other person that is not fair to you – it’s you mirroring yourself. If you love yourself good enough – everything else will reflect it back to you.

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