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20 Dec

Balenciaga – a luxury must have you need

Blenciaga green sunglasses 2019 sale buy
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Your perfect gift guide whether it is for your beloved , a friend or yourself. There is one thing that I have learned in my life journey – always reward yourself! Do not be a “Scrooge Mcduck” when it comes to your own self. That feeling of satisfaction will always pay off in return.

You have done a great job – please yourself

There is absolutely nothing wrong with it! Right on the contrary – you will appreciate your work even more. Buying a new pretty thing will always remind you why you work so hard whether it is a new bag, a silk scarf or a little accessory.

Personally for me a great “reward yourself” gift does not mean I need to spend a lot.

I love sunglasses and luckily for me, all the luxury sunglasses have a very good frame and lenses. I do care about my eyesight and since I Live in Lisbon, Portugal, we get sun all year round even in winter. Sunglasses are an absolute must-have! Moreover, very good quality sunglasses make a deal for me.

If you are just like me – do not try to go cheap when it comes to your eyes.

Because in the result you might deteriorate your eyesight and trust me a carrot will not help afterward. This season I tried something new for me and chose green lenses instead of the usual black ones. These have very good UV protection 100% and that helps a lot when driving because of the inner violet reflection. When I saw these beautiful sunglasses at Balenciaga – I immediately knew it was a deal

What are your most favorite sunglasses?

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