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13 Feb

Becoming Yourself: The importance of who you are

Total white outfit for a woman that wants to become her better self. Gold chain necklaces

Do you sometimes picture yourself being in the shoes of another person and trying to imagine how that would feel to live their life at least for a day? Here is why it is important to think of becoming yourself!

Is it really important for becoming yourself? I think you said “Yes”, you did imagine how that would be to live that person’s successful life with joy and satisfaction. But right after that you went back to reality and thought that life was way too hard to be real like that.

Becoming Yourself: The importance of who you are
Becoming Yourself

That must have been all fake and not really worth the try. That would probably require to lose weight, start taking care of your body, change the diet and most likely the whole mindset. Most of us stop dreaming right there without even trying the first step.

The biggest “why not’s” that I have ever heard from the majority of people would be: “no time”, “not enough money”, “health issues”, “my beloved does not approve”, “these things are just for riches”. These thoughts and beliefs kill the initiative at the very beginning. It becomes impossible to become who you have envisioned yourself to be. But especially these things concern women.

Someone once said women are a weak and fragile gender. You will not believe, but a lot of girls live by that affirmation. They think they are weak and that is why you cannot progress. Someone once told it to me and I started believing that. That took me a couple of years to understand that it’s just not who I really am.

Dear women, never underestimate your inner voice and girls’ power. Without your own belief, you won’t become yourself, you will never know who you really are. Don’t beat yourself up looking for it, just let it flow!

Becoming Yourself: The importance of who you are
Becoming Yourself
Iryna Fedorchak

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