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18 Sep

Best Gucci Bag Dupes Under 200$

Best Gucci Bag dupes

Looking for the best Gucci dupe? Here is what I found at the other designer’s store!

Gucci bags gained a lot of popularity especially for the last couple of years. Not only they became the top trend that needed to be in every girl’s wardrobe, but also the quality of this Italian brand has fascinated all of us. A bag of every Instagram model and a fashionista that is hot and will stay hot for many years.

I am personally not the biggest fan of Gucci style and feel like it doesn’t fit my style. However, there has been one specific bag that is quite interesting and still classic that I really liked. It’s Nymphea Gucci bag that I am talking about. It has a bamboo handle and it’s made of soft leather, the form of which is very useful for every single day and any wardrobe.

The only drawback is of course the price of it: it goes from 3,000$ to 1,500$ for use once on Ebay and Vestiaire Collective. I have a solution for it!

Here is what I found at the other Spanish brand’s shop – Purificacion Garcia. They actually have two variations of the Gucci bag that are under 200$. If you are someone who wants to try something similar to a Gucci bag – I highly suggest taking this one as it’s a really good quality dupe. Genuine leather and a bamboo handle.

And the other one with a wide striped handle without a bamboo accessory.

And you should also take a closer look at this selection that I have prepared for you. It’s all in Gucci inspired cute dupes that I prepared for you!

Best Gucci Bag Dupes Under 200

DISCLAIMER: Dear friends, if you see the link is not taking you to the bag, it means it has been SOLD OUT. Please wait for the update, reach out to me or the seller to request the info about the specific bag!

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