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6 Feb

Empowering women: Fashion and Makeup is a weapon

Green emeralds beauty makeup face
Empowering women and how do they look like? empowering women You as a woman, understand the necessity and the whole importance of fashion and makeup in your everyday life. Most of your never leave the house without at least one very specific item to wear whether it's your bag or a lipstick. Empowering women know that specific thing makes you feel confident and empowered and probably you even feel strange when it's not on you. So why denying ourselves the pleasure of the empowerment? The trickiest thing here is to have that courage and be bold in your choices. Let's say you really like wearing high heels or a purple eyeliner that nobody else is wearing. You acknowledge that that...
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30 Jan

Are You self-punishing yourself: your inner voice

How important it is to listen to your inner voice Have you ever felt discomfort in your own body with a feeling of guilt without knowing where it came from? Probably you are self-punishing yourself! Rarely we do stop and analyze what happened throughout the day and we almost never observe out feeling in the body, whether it's a feeling towards something or someone. How do we self-punishing ourselves? We stopped feeling the need to listen to our inner self, which is basically our inner voice or so-called intuition. Intuition is known to be or navigator through life choices that we tend to ignore on the daily basis. So you catch yourself being in a situation where your inner voice is telling to...
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11 Jan

Are you sure you want to be a Vegan?

Have you ever thought that becoming a vegan will make you feel healthier and loose weight? If so, you are in the right place. If you just think about veganism as the whole concept you will probably think about eating raw foods, vegetables and greens. A non-dairy and meat diet can make you loose weight very rapidly especially if your metabolism is working fast. There are lots of articles about becoming a vegan and why you should, but nobody is actually talking about the disadvantages of this diet. If you believe in the ing yang energy like I do and you had at least a short experience of not eating meat before, you would most likely notice that during that time...
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7 Jan

Posing For Models: Do you have to be beautiful?

posing for models
Can posing for models improve self-esteem? Here I tell you how to do it just with your camera Improving self-esteem is a very controversial topic for discussion. As there are people that would say that "modeling" is absolutely unnecessary and non-logical activity. It does not help anyhow and on top of that, it might be very harmful as one needs to be skinny all the time and be on a constant diet to fit into the standard size. posing for models So how to improve self-esteem when there is almost no way to do it? Nowadays, the look of a standardized model is mesmerizing you, glaring from the shelves with Vogue magazine covers portraying an overly sexualized image of a woman. It...
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2 Jan

Self-love must come first: How to love yourself

What is self-love for you? Self-love must come first When we think about caring about ourselves and feeling loved by our own selves, most of the time people do not even know what it is. When I ask people if they practice self-love they usually look at me with "Google" eyes asking me what that stands for. Meaning they never pause for a second and think that love starts from yours within. Quite often we wait for someone else to love us and care for us, whether it is a love partner, a parent or an animal. None of you thinks that investing in yourself is the greatest deal you could ever do to help the world be a better place....
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19 Dec

Petite Modeling: My Story And How I Entered the Fashion World

petite modeling
This is a story of a small girl living somewhere in Ukraine and dreaming of petite modeling *Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means that I get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links, at no cost to you. Read my disclaimer for more info. Yes, that was 16 years old me not knowing where to go and who to ask for this seemingly "secret" information Being just 5,3 and living somewhere, not even in Europe, the world seemed to so far from me. Fashion TV that was occasionally on the screen looked like a fantastic destination. Petite modeling was a great option but so unbelievable. The world of so skinny 40 kg tall women with beautiful makeup...
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