My Amazon Chic Choices: Silk Head Scarf That I Wear Everyday
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10 Feb

Chic choices: Silk head scarf on Amazon

silk head scarf amazon

I wear silk head scarf and this is why you should too!

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How can you tell if a scarf is made of silk?

First of all, silk fiber that contains prints would stain water if you try to wash it. Regardless of the brand of the silk item, the print and a handmade canvas will faint and lose the bright colors. For that reason, it is always recommended to use mild detergents.

Rinsing can take a bit of time, but adding a few tablespoons of white vinegar to the water is recommended as it neutralizes alkali traces. Do not wring it out afterward as this can damage the fibers.

You can also try burning a piece of fiber with a candle. Genuine silk only burns while the source of the flame is touching it, and will stop burning as soon as the flame source is removed.

silk head scarf

Are silk head scarves good for your hair?

I am sure you have already noticed that after you wash your hair and wrap it up with a cotton towel, your hair becomes too dry in just 15 min. It’s true because a usual cotton wrap strips off all the moisture and oils from your hair.

A silk fiber doesn’t do such damage to your hair and so it preserves the goodies your hair needs. After using the silk scarf your hair does not get electrified and for that reason, it’s also good to use it while you sleep.

silk head scarves

I use it every day since the place I live is very windy and my hair is never perfect. Only the scarf can preserve it and keep it in one place. Silk scarves can be costly at luxurious brands. However, those can still be affordable here:


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