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10 Aug

Clothes make you feel confident: Expert advice!

Confidence to wear what you want

If someone lacks confidence, what types of clothes can they wear to boost how they feel about themselves in public?

So you were wondering about your self-confidence and physical appearance. Clothes do play a big part when it comes to physical appearance, confidence and attractiveness. Whatever people say, but certain clothes make you feel confident.

Clothes make you feel confident
Clothes make you feel confident

Why clothes matter: Or is it just a piece of fabric?

Clothes are not only a necessity but also a factor of raising self-awareness and just shaping and reflecting who you really are or intend to be. It’s a tool that is used by many people when they want to become who they want to be. For example, if you want to be a lawyer you can start trying on suits just to feel more comfortable with who you want to be. In simple words, it’s called “fake it until you make it”.

It does work invisibly as your subconscious mind perceives it as your “true” reality and transoms this act as if it’s all real. This is how it transfers to your reality. You impress your subconscious mind with the feelings and the clothes – and then you watch t happens in your real life.

Like it was stated on Quora, clothes are no longer just a piece of fabrics that don’t really matter. Through clothes, you show the world who you are inside or how you feel. With clothes, you can enhance your body shape and hide something that needs to be hidden. You can surely transform your life with clothes too.

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Confidence to wear what you want

The question of confidence comes to the surface a lot after we pick a certain outfit. Sometimes we really love to see other people rocking their bomb revealing outfits and also would love to wear it the same, but have no confidence in doing so. Instead of gaining more confidence, we stick to something that we are already used to. For example, a regular black t-shirt and blue jeans with no sense of eccentricity.

Most of the time, we are just afraid to wear things that attract the attention of other people, or we are scared of their opinion. A lack of confidence is simply a fear to be negatively judged by others.

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Clothes make you feel confident

Afraid to wear nice clothes?

It’s very surprising that a lot of people are afraid of expressing themselves, not only with unusual things but even with nice feminine pieces. If you really would want to become more confident wearing beautiful things you either need to force yourself to step out of your comfort zone or simply ask a personal stylist to help you. It really doesn’t hurt to ask for help when you really need it.

It’s like asking a personal trainer at the gym to show you how to work out better, it’s like asking a store consultant to give to the right department, it’s like calling your mom when you have a problem. Ask a person who is competent in the area that you are interested in. A personal stylist will help you in gaining confidence. You will start developing your own personal style and here is what you could learn about it.

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Clothes make you feel confident

Wearing confidence: What clothes to choose?

Wearing confidence is not easy for those who lost it. I’ve also been there, so this is why I talk about it. What helped me, was taking pictures. I took a lot of pictures only a cellphone with as few clothes as possible. In the long run, I was able to evaluate myself from all the angles possible and see how many advantages I really had.

Wearing confidence is not only about clothes, it comes from within. Convince yourself in your confidence and you will eventually feel amazing in all the clothes that you have. Confidence is not in high heels, it’s in your character and attitude. If you lack it, try to “fake it until you make it” with the set of clothes that you feel better in.

Here is what helped me a lot in my gaining confidence journey. Hope you get even better results! Here is how you also could take pictures of yourself on your own!

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