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3 Nov

Colors That Go With Gold In Wardrobe For Chic & Casual Outfits

Are you wondering what are the colors that go with gold?

I have all the answers to your question!

Gold works best in combinations and the tone selection depends on the shade of gold itself. Colors that go with gold can be maneuvered with the selection of colors, shoes, accessories.

The golden color is associated with the unfading radiance of the sun. Gold, like a metal (reflective light), difficult to corrode, yellow in color, personifies heavenly forces: eternal, exuding energy. Therefore, everything that is attributed to the highest and incomprehensible, the bestowing and formidable, is depicted with gilding.

Gold-colored clothing is an attribute of kings: first of all, it connects the ruler with the chosenness of God (gods), and thereby transfers him some transcendental power, allowing him to psychologically dominate, casting aside doubts about his omnipotence. The second point will be a demonstration of wealth: here, too, there is a worldly advantage over the general mass of people.

colors that go with gold

Gold color carries light, which is the crown of the entire spectrum, and therefore everything that it adorns (even ugly) in our eyes becomes “noble”. That is why gold and gilded jewelry have been the most popular for so many centuries.

Pale gold / Silver-gold is a pale yellow or beige tone with a rich sheen. This shade of gold is often used in clothing and accessories. Delicate with pure light, it suits the most common summer color.

Yellow gold is the classic version of this color, and therefore the most common. Medium high gloss tone that looks expensive.

Bright gold is a deeper color than gold itself. It is an artificial expression of extreme saturation, due to which it has a very attractive appearance.

Rose gold is a natural gold color with an admixture of copper. It is comparable to the pale one: it has a faint color and rich shine.

Old gold is when yellow has more blue light add-ons than yellow or bright gold. This gold gives a retro feel. Against the background of “dimmed gold”, its brilliance seems less intense.

Dark gold – like bright gold – is an artificially bred color, probably inspired by a golden glitter in the dark by candlelight. He’s mysterious and sophisticated.

Colors matching gold:

As already mentioned, gold is one of the most attractive colors. In combination, it subjugates other shades to itself, and in order to achieve harmony, that is, to enclose the main color in a suitable frame, muted tones are selected (they can be saturated, but their nature must be complex). The exception to this rule would be red, which can come to the fore when combined with gold and is classically exciting.

Yellow gold combinations:

The combination of gold and pink should be delicate, airy, and light. Bright shades of pink next to gold will interrupt the delicate golden shine, so light tones with a warm direction will be ideal.

Combine with royal pink, pink-peach, orange-pink, sunset, red coral.

The combination of gold and red is a classic festive (or rather New Year’s) combination. In this case, red may well dominate the base color, using glitter as a frame.

Combine the main tone with light red, Chinese red, dark red, boggy, bright burgundy.

The combination of gold and orange is quite rare due to the similarity of shades and the lack of pronounced contrast. However, the pair is quite possible. It can involve both light and dark tones of orange, such as light peach, mango, tangerine, red-orange, red.

Yellow and gold in combination, like the previous version, is rare, however, as a deepening of the main shade, you can use the complex tones of the first. More saturated or paler colors from the main one will add juiciness, tenderness to gold, leaving it in the foreground. Try a combination with champagne, apricot, sunny yellow, corn, amber.

Warm green is combined with gold to create a very attractive pair. Of course, to achieve harmony, the shades of greenery should be muted, so that the opportunity to fully shine with gold. Consider a combination with pistachio, avocado, olive, marsh green, brownish-green.

The cool shade of green is combined with gold to form a vibrant pair. Particularly interesting are dark tones, which give contrast in both the lightness and warmth of the color, but light tones also look acceptable.
For a combination, take water green, mint, emerald green, emerald, malachite.

The combination of blue and gold – contrasts in the warmth and lightness of colors. One is attractive and intense. Pairs with dark blue and blue-green are especially appreciated. This is a win-win option that can always be complemented with white or black.

For the combination, take the following shades: sky blue, thrush egg color, blue-green, black sea, stormy color.

Gold combines with purple to form one of the most attractive pairs (based on the contrast of complementary colors), however, it is used more often in the interior than in clothing. The choice of a shade of purple depends on the tone of gold, in this case, to create a scale, take glycine, thistle, lilac-amethyst, grape, eggplant.

The combination of colors: brown and gold are built on the contrast of related tones, where the former gives the overall gamut a vintage character. In general, brown paired with any warm tone enhances this quality, so this combination is very beneficial for gold.

Choose a pair of tones: beige-brown, cocoa, hazel, light chestnut, bark.

Neutral colors include white, beige, gray, and black. Of course, they are the most frequent companions of gold (with the exception of beige, it is rarely paired, since it merges with gold). We will present these combinations more broadly below.

Creamy white, medium orange-beige, dark beige, anthracite, dark black would be a good pair with this shade of gold.

Pale gold/ Silver-gold matches:

Pale gold is a soft, light, luminous shade that is often used in textiles. Due to its moderate catchiness, it can be used in everyday wardrobe and this makes this shade versatile. You can sit a day in the office without unnecessary sidelong glances, and then go to evening events without changing clothes. Evening black will always transform pale gold.

To combine this color, you will need complex, light, and medium-dark shades, for example, pearlescent pink, lilac, cherry, peach, copper, apricot, saffron, wormwood, khaki, gray, dark blue-green, gray-violet, blue-lilac, milk chocolate, gray wood, wet asphalt.

Bright gold combinations:

Bright gold – artificial color: rich, amazing, evocative glows like the gold of the Incas: rich, juiciness. Of course, it is fun to stay the color within the clubs, parties, and banquets. Evening light for bright gold is the best companion.
This color is not suitable for every appearance (see below), and not for every shape. The color will well hide the thinness, while the complete one will emphasize it.

Combine bright gold with rich tones of magenta, purplish-pink, carmine, pumpkin, ginger, corn, amber, leaf green, dark green, royal blue, indigo, blackberry, eggplant, dark chocolate, creamy, blue-black.

Rose gold combinations:

Rose gold is a pale, hazy shade of pink with an intense sheen. He, like pale gold, can be used in everyday life and reincarnated in the evening.
The tone is devoid of the bombast of gold with a yellow tint, since pink conveys its tenderness and fragility to it, easily becoming the background for more saturated shades.

Consider the following combinations with the described tone: sakura, lilac-pink, ruby, orange-coral, copper, straw, wheat, fainting frog, gray-green, blue-green, Prussian blue, blackberry, grape, chocolate, platinum, wet asphalt.

Old gold combinations:

Old gold carries a retro style: the faded tone of gold approaches bronze, its luster becomes less, even if the surface reflects light no less than in bright gold. The tone is suitable for everyday wear, it gives off nobility and restraint, like wisdom coupled with wealth.

In a combination of this tone, choose complex, muted, but saturated shades, preferably darker than light. All colors should have an admixture of blue. Consider this option with amaranota, dark pink, wine, sienna, dark orange, honey, golden oak, protective, brown-green, sea black, blueberry, charoite, plum, dark brown, marengo, dark black.

Dark gold combinations:

Dark gold has some similarities with the old: restraint and nobility. Thanks to this, it can be used for everyday wear, but it reveals its true self in the evening. Its distinctive feature is a mysterious dark color, its brilliance is lost in the dark and is born from it. Such an entity practically hypnotically affects people, forcing them to play a fantasy about the hidden secrets of your soul.

Pairing with dark gold is juicy. Consider combinations with flaming, raspberry, red chicory, pumpkin, brick, mustard, dark yellow, khaki, brown-green, sea wave, thunderstorm, eggplant, grape, dark chocolate, ivory, and bright black.

The gold color in clothes, wardrobe selection:

Gold is most commonly used in evening wear, however, some shades are available for everyday wear, but it will be an expensive, feminine, slightly pretentious style.

Gold is good for a mature woman. If a lady is aged, then in combination with gold, every wrinkle on her face will look noble. If a woman is young, then she will need a good figure for the golden color (since he is fat), but if there is one, the golden color will make her a goddess worthy of worship. For little girls, light tones of gold are suitable: yellow, pale, pink, but you should not overdo it with them: the moderate use of gold tones will make an angel out of a girl, but too much will look vulgar.

Who can wear gold?

Not every shade will suit every look. It is worth carefully considering the choice of the right tone for yourself.

colors that go with gold

So for “spring” will be just right pink, yellow and bright yellow shades.

For “summer” it is worth picking up pale, pink, old, and dark tones.

“Autumn” is advantageous for the appearance of bright, old and dark gold colors.

“Winter” will effectively transform into yellow, bright, old, and dark gold colors.

It is imperative to observe this structure, as an incorrectly selected shade can harm your appearance. So bright gold can give the skin an unpleasant gray if you have a cold and non-contrasting appearance, and pale gold will reduce your contrast if you have a high one.

The combination of gold color in clothes: wardrobe selection:

Combining gold color in clothes is an important wardrobe skill, especially if you want to manage your look. We will look at the most popular, juicy, and color combinations that you could bring to life.

Gold things are most often items of evening wardrobe: dresses, blouses, skirts. However, there are also raincoats, shorts, pants, sweaters. Skirts will be one of the most interesting combinations. You will be able to see how much the introduced color changes the thing.

Black with gold outfits

The combination of black and gold is one of the most classic. Black, like the color of nobility, and gold, like the color of kings, reinforce each other, reaching a state of absolute chic. It is always a win-win, moreover, it gives you the opportunity to control your figure: if the gold color makes you look fat and black makes you slim, you can always place the accents correctly: for example, enlarge your breasts with a gold blouse and reduce the bottom with a black skirt.

White and gold outfits

One of the options for this combination is the addition of white to the range. White brings a rejuvenating character to the black gold couple as well as contrast. Of course, white, as an airy color, looks better at the top (in a blouse, sweater, scarf) than at the bottom.

Gray with gold outfits

The combination of gray and gold is soft, sophisticated. There is practically no light contrast in it, but there is a slight one in warmth and color saturation. Such a pair is good for the “summer” color type; in other cases, you can choose a more advantageous combination.

Burgundy with gold outfits

The combination of burgundy with gold is one of the pillars of aesthetics, both burgundy, and gold. The combination is good for mature and elderly women, where burgundy gives rise to passionate feelings in us, and gold takes us to the country of bohemia. The combination is comparable to “black and gold”, where burgundy acts as a mood and figure regulator (the color slims, gives youth to the face).

Red with gold outfits

The combination of red and gold is extremely festive, bright, feminine. The charm and attractiveness of the woman in red and the regal inaccessibility of the golden lady are intertwined in him. But one should be wary of such a combination, since both red and gold play in the direction of expanding space.

Blue with gold outfits

The combination of blue and gold is discreet. This is probably the only tone that is trying to convey gold – modesty. As a highly spiritual shade, it smoothes the all-consuming sparkle of attention but does not pull the “blanket” in its direction. Both humble and not humble: blue and gold.

Green with gold

The combination of green and gold is one of the most unobtrusive and aesthetic. Dark tones of blue-green (or dark green) work for contrast, nobility. Emerald, malachite, taken from precious stones in a gold setting, looks as impressive as jewelry and may well compete in aesthetics with burgundy gold and black and gold. By the way, dark green tones are also slender figures, like black and burgundy ones.

Warm green tones with gold

This combination is associated with the elven theme: a touch of fabulous wealth and forest exoticism. This also includes a leprechaun with a pot of gold. The fabulousness gives the combination a kind of vintage, and the muted grassy color itself is pleasant to contemplate. You can dilute the combination with white or black (but not very contrasting) colors.

Yellow, orange with gold outfits

The combination of yellow, orange, and gold is rare, so if you want to surprise someone, you can use it. Of course, according to the label, it is inferior to a combination with dark shades, but with a skillful combination and a correctly selected shade, it looks harmonious.

Warm yellow and orange with gold outfits

The more complex the tone, the better it looks next to gold. So banana, yellow-orange, and pumpkin colors will be successful companions of gold, for light contrast and appealing to bright tones, you can include a brown tone in the palette.

Brown with gold outfits

The combination of brown and gold can undoubtedly be attributed to the stained glass style. Dark shades of brown will transform the gold tone no worse than black and burgundy, so when composing your wardrobe, in which there are golden things, do not forget about it. Softer shades of brown can adapt clothes to a casual tone, but the gloss will remain.

Pink with gold outfits

Pink with gold is combined, forming a light, delicate, airy flavor. The sheen of the gilded fabric also spreads over the pink surfaces and is perceived in a more glamorous way than they really are. However, it is worth noting that the main tone and pink are practically the same lightness, and at the same time the tone difference does not look grandiose, therefore other shades are used in such a combination: white, black, several shades of pink, gray, beige, burgundy. In most cases, the range is pastel, but not boring.

Purple with gold outfits

The combination of purple with gold is contrasting in all respects: as additional colors, in lightness, in warmth, however, the combination is quite rare and, moreover, usually has an additional companion in the form of red, hot pink, green colors.








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