Curly Blonde Hair: How To Do Your Hair And Makeup
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1 Jan

Curly Blonde Hair: How to do your hair and makeup

Curly Blonde Hair
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Were you thinking of changing for the curly blonde hair this year? I will help you!

curly blonde hair

My choice is always the most natural colour as possible. This kind of a color will not be trendy, but it will definitely be priceless and timeless. So if you got this hair colour naturally, you’re a winner and if not you should pay your attention to it!

When it comes to straight hair, the owner of which I am. It’s not always easy to make it curly especially if you live in a humid climate as I do (it’s Portugal). When it’s raining, snowing, or just a fog – no way it’s going to stay for more than 1 hour!

Curly Blonde Hair

Check out how I do this Jay Alvarrez hair look over here and turn my straight hair into curly.

Go from straight to Curly

Makeup for Curly Blonde Hair

Curly Blonde Hair

As this is a funky girl kind of a look, which brings the vibe of happiness, I close to go for winged eyeliner. The best eyeliner for me is Eveline Black liner (and also use these down below from time to time).

Curly Blonde Hair

A purple lip liner and a lip balm. I didn’t use the lipstick, as this liner is so bright and catchy, that this alone is just enough. Look what I use:

Matching eyebrow pencil which goes just one in one with my natural hair color:

Curly Blonde Hair

My very best drugstore mascara that I also got from here. And there is the whole routine that I like that you can see here.

Orange Nails and also drugstore nail polishes. Nothing fancy, since it’s just for a few days and let’s be honest, the color is extraordinary! (Most of the times, I use transport or nude).

Orange Earrings. Because I just love big round earrings any time of the season or the year!

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