CURLY EYELASHES: Sky High Maybelline Vs Korean Drugstore
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21 Jun

Curly Eyelashes: Sky High vs Korean Drugstore Mascara

Curly eyelashes that is what every girl wants to have once she leave her home!

That is what I tested for the best instant lash lift to get these perfect curly lashes

curly eyelashes
curly eyelashes

I tested two mascaras that are Tik Tok’s favorite thing and organic Korean drugstore mascara. Those are two completely different formulas that have different effects on eyelashes. Both of those are good enough to deal with the problem of straight eyelashes. My lashes are more like Asian lashes, they are growing downwards and usually, it makes a huge difference when they are curled.

Maybelline Sky High Lash Sensational is considered the best drugstore mascara as of today. Every teen tried it even though it is not made for kids. We were all taken aback by the results in Tik Tok, so I couldn’t stay away. Once I saw this “fan effect” I knew I had to get it.

As you see, I covered my eyelashes with only one coat and the volume increased instantly. However, before using any type of mascara I always use lash curler (you will understand if you have Asian lashes). Once the wand has touched my upper lashes I saw an instant result! Every lash got covered with a capsule-like black substance. My lashes got heavy and may I say…This mascara is not for a warm and humid climate. It does smudge a lot and if it’s raining it’s better to leave it for drier weather. Though, the volume effect of just one cover is just Wow!

The other mascara is RiRe Korean organic mascara that needs to be ordered online. It’s completely organic, and that is the best curl-holding mascara I have ever tried. Once it’s on lashes, it sticks to it and really holds the weave! It’s perfect even for a rainy day and it doesn’t smudge. Plus, you can take it off with simple water as it dissolves easily without a makeup remover. It doesn’t feel heavy and the volume that you want depends on you and how many coats you prefer. It can even look naturally invisible if you like! A wonderful mascara that I will keep on buying (P.S. It’s my 5th tube!).

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