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20 Aug

Dior Lip Maximizer Dupes: I tested all

Dior lip maximizer dupes

Are you trying to make your lips look fuller and plumper? I have a solution for you if you were not planning to pay for lip fillers

Dior Lip Maximizer Dupes

Dior Lip Maximizer Dupes do have much better prices than the original lipgloss. But do they work as good as the Dior one?

I tested all those lipglosses myself and can really tell you all about it. As I have always been fascinated and pleasantly surprised by the high-end lip products from Dior, I just fell in love with that mint cooling effect. It was just pure love especially in hot weather in mid-August.

I used to apply the gloss during the time I was walking and running around the scorching city and I just couldn’t get enough of it. It was so refreshing and I thought I would need to but the whole yearly supply of this lipgloss. The only thing I didn’t like was, of course, the price of it. The original price is 30$ and let’s be honest here, it’s a little bit too much for just a pinkish “Barbie” style gloss.

Here is the whole selection before I dive deep into every product:

  1. Here I started my journey of looking for similar and cheaper products that would have the same cooling effect on the lips. Here is the list of my most favorite Dior lip maximizer dupesCatrice Lip Booster.
Dior Lip Maximizer Dupes

This one is always in my purse no matter what. Even if you have the best lip liner or lipstick, this baby is going to make your lips so full and lushes that you will be surprised. Maybe in life it doesn’t really show much, but it definite;y makes a huge difference in the picture and a video. If you want to make your lips plumper – This is the one that you should choose.

The price is amazing, just 4 $ at the drugstore or Amazon, and it’s done. It’s literally my life-saver. The only thing that might take you off is a container which you have to keep clean all the time. But it’s nothing when you realize how good the product is. It has the same cooling effect and even better color than the Dior one!

2. Nyx Plum It Up Lip Plumper is definitely one of those that have mint cooling effect. The color is obviously not the same as the Dior one, but too be honest, I like it even much better.

Dior Lip Maximizer Dupes

3. Milani Keep It Full is definitely a game-changer for me. Because I love wearing without any lipstick underneath. They have amazing nude colors to chose. I always buy them at Amazon as I trust those a lot.

This little baby literally fits into every pocket and purse I have. Sometimes I even use instead of the Blister lip balm. It does make your lips bigger and sexier. If you are searching for something for every day – this Milani thing is it!

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