Dress Well On A Budget: One Color Scheme!
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23 Jun

Dress Well On A Budget: One Color Scheme!

dress well

Ever wondered how to look better and dress well?

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Here I have a solution for you how to dress well!

How to dress well every time regardless of the season and budget

This is what you could do to always look great without a lot of effort. The answer to this question is a “capsule wardrobe.” Just look through your existing closet and choose all the most basic colors. I personally like beige, white, and black. Those are my primary colors for absolutely any season. This time I chose a beige cotton dress and a beige oversized linen blazer. You don’t have to mix it up with a pair of high heels; you can always take your most favorite sneakers.

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dress well

Color range to consider to dress well

Try not to mix more than 3 colors at a time. Be especially careful with animal prints. We all know that leopard print never made anyone look beautiful. Consider being as simple as possible. Minimalism has always been in style at any season.

dress well

Good quality clothes for any budget

Right quality clothes do not necessarily mean you have to spend too much. This is not the case, and anyone can look great under absolutely any budget. Especially this season is rich in natural fabrics like organic cotton, linen, and silk. This blazer that I am wearing is from H&M, and you could easily find a similar one at Mango, Zara, Massimo Dutti, etc. The dress I got from ASOS and made of cotton is also perfect for summer. You can check out a similar one over here.

Take a look at these beige color jackets available over here:

dress well

What shoes to choose to look presentable

It’s always a controversial topic when it comes to shoes since many people vote for or against real leather. This theme is totally up to you. I prefer genuine leather as it’s the best quality shoes, and this pair will serve you many years in a row. If you noticed, and I hope you did, eco-leather is not for long time usage. Usually, it’s for one season, and you have to throw them away. So, if you are not a vegan, maybe you would like to consider investing in real leather shoes for a lifetime.

dress well

Shoes to look well and confident

The most versatile and neutral high-quality shoes I found were, of course, Portuguese. I cannot stop talking about Portuguese shoes, as they are among the best in the entire world. I chose these beige-grey color suede shoes on a stiletto. There are perfect for every outfit and absolutely any occasion. I tried them with this dress, jeans and even a white wedding dress.

Mine are from EVOQUE Portuguese shoemaker. While they are still opening their store for online purchases, you could also check out this Portuguese brand Luis Onofre. I really like these in beige color and a pointed toe. Those are perfect for everyday wear and even an evening event.

dress for a wedding guest
dress well

How to dress well for my body type

The most important thing is to dress according to your own body shape. There 5 body types, and you must identify which shape you are.

Each wardrobe item aims to enhance your assets and not to diminish or deteriorate them. After all, you are a woman, and you want to be beautiful and confident in the body and clothes that you have. I highly advise you to check out these articles on the body type to take your wardrobe to the other level.

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