Dwyn Larson System: +20 Body Types For Kibbe Admirers
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4 Feb

Dwyn Larson System: + 20 Body Types for Kibbe Admirers

Are you wondering what Dwyn Larson system is and what body type you are?

This article has all the answers!

The typology of Dwyn Larson system is far from the first attempt to analyse the lines and scales of appearance to find the most harmonious design. This is an improved version of David Kibbe’s theory.

He proposed the division into style types back in the 1980s and even wrote the book “Metamorphoses”, an instant bestseller in the United States.

Dwyn Larson System Explained

Kibbe’s theory was based on the relationship of the lines of appearance with the male (yang – coal) and the feminine (yin – roundness).

Dwyn Larson proved that there are no ugly women. It is only essential to know your style type.

Despite the popularity of his approach, the theory soon found its inconsistency since many women did not find themselves in the list of proposed types (there were 13 of them).

One of them was the American artist Dwyn Larson. Having never determined her appearance from Kibbe, she decided to improve the system and undertook her research.

After 14 years, during which Larson analysed hundreds of female faces and figures, the 20 Types of Beauty manual was published. That is how many variants of style types the artist revealed.

Dwyn Larson System

Larson gave detailed recommendations for determining the type and advice for adequate wardrobe adaptation in her book. She offered to maintain her lines and scales in clothes, accessories, and hairstyles to harmonise her appearance.

In addition, Larson shared other observations: over the years of typing, she noticed that appearance lines say a lot about a person’s character. She also accompanied the selected types with this information.

Dwyn Larson System

Take a look at yourself: What Is Your Body Type?

Look at yourself from a different angle. You are not just a set of mixed traits that need to be adjusted to become attractive; you are one of thirty-two excellent natural types (20 for women, 12 for men).

The features and proportions of each personality are reflected in the basis of character. Some of us are naturally carefree; others are refined, congenital, trembling, etc.

Accepting our place on the natural spectrum of body-personality types can give us a sense of belonging and self-worth. It also highlights our sense of humor: crazy or angry, skewed or dry.

And a sense of direction that translates into a sense of mission as we discover essential needs that our capabilities can fill. Each type was admired in a specific place and at a particular time in history.

Our society holds only one kind of beauty at the top, as the most desirable, and insists that we change ourselves to achieve the pattern.

While the wasp waist is considered ideal, the rest of us spend a lot of time looking for our style because no one designs clothes for embellishing various shapes. Too many are intimidated by starvation and self-torture to look like today’s ideal.

The paradox is that no one reaches it; even photos of Cindy Crawford are touched up to make her look perfect. Media coverage of the lives of showbiz stars and successful entrepreneurs gives a warped view of what constitutes true talent and how to choose a life’s work.

Sadly, these false ideals are the only role models for some of us.

Beauty follows the form

Let’s take a step back in time and get a fresh perspective. We have forgotten the magic of exploring nature that we experienced as children. Surprises were everywhere: roses had thorns, radishes were bitter.

The abundance and variety of birds fascinated us: elegant swans, colorful parrots, noisy jays. And horses: some are built for speed, like thoroughbred thoroughbreds that take your breath away; others, the stunning Clydesdale draft horse breed, were built for strength and endurance.

We take it for granted that form follows function and extends to people. Human nature begins with four basic types in girls and three in men, then combined and balanced types are added. Even as children, each of us has the makings and shape of the body.

The Charcoal Dramatic is born with a shorter torso, longer limbs and face and can engage others in fun.
Large-headed petite Gamines are content to do what others want them to do, although they enjoy being thoughtful observers.

Romantics are very chubby little girls who already have prominent buttocks; they are loving personalities.

But overbearing Naturals try to do business since they are “babies”.

Types: Dramatic, Gamine and Natural are also suitable for boys, and Romantics are only for girls, while every girl has Romantic features.

In strong types (N), the adrenal glands provide daily energy. The pituitary gives the intellectuals (G) their subtle mental energy, and the ovaries provide the educators with (R) their calm emotional energy. In fast types (D), the thyroid causes short physical, emotional, and mental energy bursts.

Dwyn Larson System
  • Gamines are small and short, made for thinking.
  • Naturals are broad and robust, built for endurance.
  • Dramatics are tall and thin, built for speed.
  • Romantics are soft and seductive, meant to be nurturers.

In nature, beauty follows form. It can be charcoal or round, solid or delicate.
In the little Gamine thinkers, beauty is delicately charcoal; in broad builder Naturals, solid and rounded;

Your talents are needed to complete specific tasks – every significant project needs:

  • Gamine thinkers will plan all the details;
  • Natural builders will work according to plan;
  • Romantic educators give meaning and purpose;
  • Dramatic dreamers imagine a project at an early stage.

Most of us combine the basic types; N+A or R+N, etc. These types are not a chaotic collection of different traits; they have a dominant side with more secondary sides.

Each combination can be counted as two types. R+G is different from G+R, even though they have the same trendy look.

The RG will have more of a Romantic body and personality, with secondary Gamine characteristics. And vice versa for GR. Balanced types are often the most difficult to identify because they have traits from all major types, emphasising one type. Their body features are more symmetrical, and their personalities are more balanced.

Four types of personalities

If all people lived in the same house, it would have four rooms, each unique window to the world. Each comfort zone (corner) has different values ​​and priorities.

The talents are equally essential and shared so that we need each other and can learn to work together. The four main types look through one window, the combined ones look through two or three, and the balanced ones stand in the centre and look into all four.

However, combined and balanced types have one side in the dominant. And all girls have the energy of Romance, so in most relationships, they tend to look through the window of feelings.

We can live on the secondary side for specific reasons, but we cannot be delighted until we choose to live on our dominant side because we have our natural talents there.

It can be hard to recognise the dominant side in ourselves because we get distraught when we learn that Dramatics are prone to depression, Gamines are timid, Naturals are arrogant, and Romantics love to bargain.

Our differences pleasantly surprise us in friends and loved ones. However, frequent misunderstandings are inevitable when we try to accept other people’s views and desires. We can smooth out these conflicts by stepping out of our “corner” and joining their “corners”.

Dramatic types inspire us to lightness, play ball and are carefree children again. Romantics help us open up and share our deepest emotions to feel closer to other people.

Gamines invite us to be more reasonable and consider all alternatives before choosing the best solution. The straights demand that we roll up our sleeves and work to get it done as soon as possible.

When we interact with one of the types, not only does our pace change, but we can also adopt some of their traits for a while, which can even transform and strengthen us.

The body and personality we are born with are the starting point, and what we do with it is up to us. Due to the lack of certain qualities in our “corners”,.

It is not the events themselves but how we relate to them. Some types get offended easily, others get angry, and so on. We all have our weaknesses.

Fortunately, we can change this by concentrating our efforts on choosing the best response from other “corners” and using those first.

Thus, we acquire such character traits as integrity, empathy, and bold conviction. Otherwise, we remain the same until we interact with our neighbours.

Dwyn Larson identifies four main types: Dramatic, Romantic, Natural, and Gamine. Dwyn does not classify classics as the main types since this is a combination of all types at once. Consider the main types:

It is essential to keep in mind that pure traits are pretty rare. Usually, there is a mixture of several types (two or more) features in appearance.

Dwyn Larson System
  1. Dramatic (T-type)
Dwyn Larson System
  • strongly angular beautiful figure and face,
  • high – about 175 cm,
  • a feminine balanced figure,
  • the dominance of the thyroid gland (T-type),
  • built for success
  • short bursts of energy (physical, mental, emotional),
  • imaginative thinking (What if …?),
  • cheerful: “life is like a holiday”.

Facial features:

  • elongated face
  • straight eyebrows
  • narrow “mysterious” eyes,
  • a long nose,
  • wide mouth
  • narrow lips,
  • long chin.

  • Weight gain: waist, hips, upper legs, buttocks, breasts become more prominent over time; the figure becomes heavier below the belt.
  1. Romantic (G-type)
Dwyn Larson System
  • delicately rounded beautiful figure and face,
  • average height – about 165 cm,
  • the figure is slightly heavier below the belt,
  • ovarian dominance (G-type),
  • Designed for education
  • emotionally stable
  • intuitive thinking (“what do they need?”),
  • feelings are focused on the life of loving people,
  • cheerful: “life is like a holiday.”

Characteristics of the figure:

  • small head,
  • small facial features
  • small round chest
  • small chest
  • very noticeable waist
  • middle thighs
  • very plump buttocks,

  • Weight gain: hips, buttocks, upper legs, the figure becomes heavier below the belt.

  • Facial features:
  • small face
  • rounded eyebrows
  • small round “doll” eyes,
  • small nose
  • a small mouth, the line between the upper and lower lip is straight,
  • wide lower jaw
  • small chin
  1. Natural (A-type)
Dwyn Larson System
  • a very rounded beautiful figure and face,
  • average height – about 170 cm,
  • the figure is slightly heavier above the waist,
  • the dominance of the adrenal glands (A-type),
  • enduring
  • stable physical energy,
  • logical thinking: (“what’s next?”),
  • oriented to work: “life is a project.”

Characteristics of the figure:

  • broad shoulders
  • big round chest
  • undefined waist
  • middle thighs
  • flat buttocks
  • long waist
  • wide hands, feet,
    Weight gain: chest, back, lower abdomen.

Facial features:

  • broad face
  • smoothly curved eyebrows,
  • wide-set “wise” eyes,
  • medium-sized eyes
  • wide nose,
  • full lips,
  • wide lower jaw
  • strong (strong) chin.
  1. Gamine (P-type)
Dwyn Larson System
  • delicately angular beautiful figure and face,
  • short stature – about 160 cm,
  • a narrow figure of a little petite girl,
  • the dominance of the pituitary gland (P-type),
  • intended for contemplation,
  • stable mental energies (physical, mental, emotional),
  • analytical thinking: (“How does it work?”),
    Focuses on facts: “life is a puzzle.”

Characteristics of the figure:

  • “breast of a little petite girl”,
  • small chest
  • undefined waist
  • narrow hips
  • flat buttocks
  • thin (delicate) hands, feet,

Weight gain: everywhere, even the hands, feet, chin, and upper abdomen, the figure turns from narrow to wide.

Facial features:

  • big head
  • high forehead
  • eyebrows in the form of wings,
  • big “baby” eyes,
  • thin (delicate) nose,
  • small, “like a rosebud” mouth,
  • pointed chin.

Facial features of the four main types:

Dwyn Larson System

Those who like to identify their body type fast

Usually, according to these descriptions, one can roughly determine the presence of anyone type that dominates in appearance. For example, if you have a clear “potato” nose, a distinctly upper body type and medium / tall height, there is a Natural type in appearance. If you are very short, the head looks rather large in the figure; it can be assumed that there is a Gamine in the formation.

If you have a distinctly (I emphasise this word!) lower type of figure and there is softness in the lines of the body and facial features, perhaps there is a romantic in your appearance.

If you are tall, somewhat thin and externally pointed and elongated, with a sharp and long nose and narrow almond-shaped eyes, you can assume the presence of a dramatist in appearance.

However, it is essential to understand that the Larson typing system involves considering and comparing all traits in general and separately, to varying degrees of completeness, regarding family, ethnic and individual characteristics, including various appearance transformations.

This is a very accurate system. In a slender weight, the type range is one, but as soon as you get better, the type of figure and the impression are already changing, and it seems that this is already a different type.

According to Larson’s theory, you can “see some first impression”, but it is essential to consider the appearance in detail. There have been many cases even in my practice when you first look and see one type, and when you start to examine and understand in particular, the result turns out to be different.

This is because some traits, when mixing two or more types, create the effect of having a third.

For example, a natural is confused with a romantic in mixed types because both have smooth lines. Or Romance is confused with gamine because of the small scale of the features.

Sometimes even with great experience and “seeing” faces and figures within a given system, as a result of careful testing, it turns out that the initial impression was wrong.

With a thorough analysis of all client data, the Larson system allows you to give a very accurate result, not a version. This means the definition of types and the appearance of the type’s dominants – in the figure and face.

Moreover, the dominants can be different. For example, in the constitution of the gamine-dramatic type, the drama will be more pronounced, and in the face – Gamine.



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In general, to everyone who wants to figure out their appearance once and for all, I wish you good luck in your creative searches, inspiration, and success!

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