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31 Jul

DIY shorts from jeans no sew

Hello ladies!

My most favorite thing in summer is a good pair of jeans shorts. Especially when they are ripped distressed and a bit of rock and roll. However, I never go to the shop and buy new ones for 20$, right, on the contrary, I make those from my old jeans that I no longer want to wear.

Here are the tips and trick on how you could make your jeans shorts in 10 min without a sew.

You will need:

  1. a pair of scissors (that are Not for manicure =)
  2. a pair of old jeans (but preferably well fitting your figure)
  3. a long sewing needle (around 7 cm long, so you could feel it comfortably in the hand)
  4. a piece of a dry soap or a white pencil for makeup (in case you don’t have chalk, it’s not really necessary)


Please make sure that your jeans are not stretchy so they could rip easily. You can check the percentage of elastane at the inner side of the jeans or just try the stretch and see if the material is elasticated. It’s better if your jeans are made of hard cotton or have a little % of elastane.

So you found the jeans you want to cut. Now get them on=) Once you are in taking your bar of soap a check where you want your cut and how short you want the length (better check that in front of the mirror). Mark a line across the leg.

Now you can take them off and take the scissors.

Please mind that you should make a cut 1 cm lower than where your mark is (just because you will need space to distress it).

Once you have made a cut you can also make one on the other sleeve.

Now try them on to see if they fit as desired.

Now that everything is alright you can take a needle and start ripping.

Start from the bottom to the top. From the left to the right horizontally.

Let me know how it went for you. Please share and subscribe.

Iryna Fedorchak

Hello, I am Iryna. A creative Ukrainian soul living in Lisbon, Portugal. I know fashion, I speak beauty and I know what lifestyle suits you the best. Here I will show you how fashion manifestation looks like as well as I want it to be an inspiring space for women of all religions and heritage. I hope I can help and advise you about your fashion preferences. Let's do fashion together! I love to create and re-create looks showcasing the life of European Bohemia in Portugal, researching Dos' and Donts' of the beauty realm, throwing my philosophy like confetti.

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