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7 Mar

Every day is women’s day

Happy woman at the beach near ocean smiling

I am sure a lot of men would say that it is not necessary to celebrate this International Women’s Day on the 8th of March.

Because they can celebrate it every day with their woman.

In reality, a lot of women would say that nobody ever celebrates that day every day or as often as it is being said by our male compatriots. And that is true, whatever you say you would do often does not match the reality. Very often a woman herself is in charge of all the celebrations. As we often say: “If you want a party – throw a party yourself” and do not wait for someone else to do it for you.

All women in the world deserve flowers on that special day. I really do not understand why so many people try to deny it and act like it is not what women want. Giving is just the same skill as receiving. Without giving you cannot receive. This flower does not cost “anything”, but that little gesture can make not only the day but also change the world upside down.

I will never understand why people are so judgmental of each other. Women are beautiful but the only thing they need is a little bit more education about the world and God creation. Learn to love yourself without anybody’s help and intrusion into your life. If that requires buying flowers to yourself – just do it. Feel the happiness.

Just be good, say a nice word to someone, smile a. little and do not be too egoistic. Remember that someone right near you might need a little love and attention.

Happy woman at the beach near ocean smiling
Iryna Fedorchak


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