Flattering Wedding Dress For Plus Size Ladies: I Recommend!
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25 May

Flattering Wedding Dress For Plus Size Ladies: A Stylist Recommends

Are you wondering what the most flattering wedding dress for a curvy woman could be?

This article has all the answers!

Is There Such A Thing As A Flattering Wedding Dress For Plus Size? Not every woman looks like Cindy Crowford, and the question is, “Should they in the first place?”

Well, one thing we know for sure, all women certainly want to look feminine and irresistible at their wedding.

Today, there is nothing impossible; there are wedding dresses for plus size brides that hide all the flaws and present the advantages in a favorable light.

If you choose carefully, such a wedding dress will be unforgettable for both the guests and the bride herself.

What Are Wedding Dress Styles That Are In High Demand?

Almost every wedding fashion designer creates several options for wedding dresses for curvy women.

To not try on all the models available in wedding salons, the girl needs to decide in advance which styles will suit her.

It’s easy to do. Just look at the photos from the collections of wedding fashion designers.

These materials can be found on the Internet or in specialized magazines.

In the photographs, you need to find girls with a figure similar to yours, and remember what dresses they are wearing that look flattering to you.

According to stylists, the following styles of wedding dresses are most suitable for plus size women:

  • A-silhouette with a corset;
  • In the style of “Empire”;
  • In the style of “Princess”;
  • Boho Style.

A narrow top characterizes the A-line wedding dress in the form of a top or corset and a wide A-line skirt originating from the waistline.

Such a wedding dress for the bride can be long or short, and the choice will depend on the bride’s physique.

If she needs to hide the fullness of the abdomen and hips, but emphasize beautiful legs, then shorter models (showing the ankle only) will be the best option.

Otherwise, it would be best to focus on a long skirt (preferably), which will hide all the shortcomings of the lower body.

The top should also be chosen based on the features of the figure: a corset with an open neckline will visually reduce the width of the waist, and a narrow top with sleeves or a high collar will hide wide shoulders, arms, or neck.

If you need to emphasize any part of the body, you need to pay attention to models with large decorative elements in this area.

An Empire style wedding dress, or, in other words, “Greek style,” is one of the fashionable solutions of recent seasons; it is also suitable for curvy girls.

A feature of this style is an overestimated and clearly defined waistline, decorated with a belt or without it, and a loose-fitting skirt.

This shape will allow you to hide the wide waist or the rounded belly of the bride in position, and the free bottom will adjust the width of the hips and the fullness of the legs.

In addition, emphasis will be placed on the chest, and it will look rounded and expressive. In this case, it will be possible to choose an option that can emphasize the dignity of the bride; for example, beautiful shoulders can be highlighted with an open top and perfect posture – with an open back decorated with lace along the contour.

An outfit in the style of a “Princess,” or, in other words, ballroom, resembles an A-silhouette style, but the shape of such a dress is more magnificent.

Often, such models are made with a top in the form of a corset, which gently tightens the waist, making the body’s curves smooth and expressive.

The skirt expands strongly from the waistline; it is often lush, thanks to the crinoline or frame rings with many dresses.

It should be borne in mind that a ball gown will not always look proper on full girls; some models can increase body volume even more.

Short wedding dresses are also suitable for curvy women; they can be used to hide excess weight in the waist and hips, but it is beneficial to emphasize beautiful legs.

The length of such a bridesmaid dress can be different; everything will depend on how much the woman wants to bare her legs.

If you need to hide a wide waist, you should pay attention to models with a high line decorated with a contrasting belt.

Long sleeves will hide the fullness of the arms, and the open top will emphasize the seductive forms of the neckline.

There is an alternative option for full girls, whose silhouette resembles an hourglass; the shoulders and hips are much wider than the waist, and the chest is pronounced.

Such women can be safely considered a suitable option for the “Mermaid” style, characterized by a form-fitting shape to the knee or slightly lower, after which a fluffy skirt begins.

The material, which is tight to the body, will emphasize the expressive curves and make the bride feminine and sexy at the same time.

If you need to adjust the area of ​the arms and shoulders simultaneously, you need to pay attention to dresses with a high-top with thin or wide straps.

In this case, it is better to choose an outfit with an upper part made of a light material – lace or guipure.

Some models have transparent areas, such as the back or neckline, making them look light and spicy. It is better not to use heavy fabrics, as they add unnecessary volume to the image.

Those women who need to hide their belly and hips should opt for wedding dresses with a wide belt at the waist or a fluffy skirt.

In addition, you should try to choose a model with vertical elements, as horizontal seams or a pattern will increase the volume of the waist and hips.

The Color Of The Wedding Dress

The classic snow-white wedding dress is not suitable for plus size girls, as it has the unpleasant property of making the figure even fuller.

If the bride still wants to pay tribute to tradition and get married in a white dress, you need to choose the right style and, if desired, add bright details to the image to distract attention.

If a girl likes extraordinary solutions, she can choose a suitable dress in a bright shade for herself, which will look solemn and adorn her figure.

Curvy brides can opt for a red, blue, ultramarine, or malachite shade; adventurous natures can even choose a black wedding dress, which is as slimming as possible.

Those women who need to hide their belly and hips should opt for wedding dresses with a wide belt at the waist or a fluffy skirt.

In addition, you should try to choose a model with vertical elements, as horizontal seams or a pattern will increase the volume of the waist and hips.

Dos & Don’ts When Choosing A Wedding Dress

It is strictly forbidden to choose dresses of a smaller size.

Even if the bride “fits” into it, ugly folds will form, especially on the back and in the armpit.

Under any chosen dress, it is necessary to wear slimming underwear.

If the bride has very large breasts, you should not put them on “public display” – it will look vulgar.

It is necessary to abandon bustier dresses, dresses with a large neckline, thin straps, or an asymmetrical bodice cut. In such dresses, the chest will seem even larger.

Dresses with a V-shaped neckline are ideal.

Suppose a girl does not like full shoulders. You can hide this shortcoming with the help of translucent sleeves just below the elbow.

The sleeve cuff should not cut into the skin or fit too tightly.

No matter how much you want to feel like a real princess, it will likely achieve the opposite effect and look like a “woman on a teapot.”

Girls in lush models of wedding dresses often look bigger than they should.

Embellishment & jewelry for plus size ladies

Do not use large flower brooches, a lot of ruffles on the hem, and placers of large stones on the bodice.

The best decoration of a wedding dress for a girl with curves will be unobtrusive draperies, applique of small rhinestones on the bodice – with a beautiful chest.

Flattering Wedding Dress For Plus Size

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On the hem, you can use small decorations in the form of flowers to trim the skirt.

The original decoration of a dress with a high waistline will be a medium-sized belt, passing right under the bust of the same shade as the dress.

It is also possible to use a small number of contrasting color elements. Plus size brides should not use a complex veil with a satin-finished edge in an outfit.

A beautiful smooth hairstyle with hair pulled back (not “bouche”) will look best.

You can take a few decorative hairpins, the hats of which repeat the decoration on the dress or use an elegant diadem.

The choice of a wedding dress for a full girl should be approached extremely reasonably.

A well-chosen beautiful, comfortable dress will give you self-confidence on your wedding day and prove that the bride has excellent taste.

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