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4 Feb

Fur jacket and Boyfriend Shirt everyday

White raccoon short real fur jacket

Whatever you say, your clothes always reflect how you feel inside. I am sure you will agree that when you feel sick or tired, you do not really care how you dress and look just in general. But whenever you put your most favorite wardrobe item, you are automatically rocking the day and you feel your feelings just got elevated. So why not feeling like that everyday?

Just put whatever you feel like is going to improve your mood and you will not notice how your wishes and desires got bigger and stronger. I do love men’s shirts and I cannot do anything about it. I find it comfortable, edgy and sexy – all in one. When I shop around I always check out men’s corners to see if there is something suitable for me. If I do not find anything, I always know my boyfriend white shirt is always there for me.

When it comes to fur jackets – pleased not try to convince me whatever your point of view is. That was my choice and love my fur jacket. Just to be precise, I am Ukrainian, the snow will always be a part of my culture. I feel free about and even in such a hot country as Portugal, I still wear my furry beast. People often do react weird when they see me in it, but at least I do not fear of being someone else. I am proud of where I am from and I feel the need to express myself in the way I want even if our social point of view is different.

“Don’t repress yourself- express yourself” – Madonna.



Iryna Fedorchak


Hello, I am Iryna. A creative Ukrainian soul living in Lisbon, Portugal. I know fashion, I speak beauty and I know what lifestyle suits you the best. Here I will show you how fashion manifestation looks like as well as I want it to be an inspiring space for women of all religions and heritage. I hope I can help and advise you about your fashion preferences. Let's do fashion together! I love to create and re-create looks showcasing the life of European Bohemia in Portugal, researching Dos' and Donts' of the beauty realm, throwing my philosophy like confetti.

  • Didier

    It is always a great pairing! Love that fur jacket!


    February 4, 2019 at 6:20 pm Reply
  • Andreea Birsan

    Can never go wrong with this combo! It’s so chic and timeless. Love it on you. xx


    February 5, 2019 at 7:26 pm Reply
  • Shari

    Do you have any pointers for composing short articles?
    That’s where I constantly battle and I just wind up looking empty display for
    lengthy time.

    March 8, 2019 at 3:54 pm Reply

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