Gorgeous Garnet Wedding Ideas: Stone, Rings, Dress & Invitations
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4 May

Gorgeous Garnet Wedding Ideas: Stone, Rings, Dress & Invitations

Are you wondering how could your wedding look like with garnet color palette?

This article has all the answers!

Are you looking for Garnet Wedding Ideas? If you’re planning a wedding and decided on garnet as your accent color, you probably already know something about this beautiful shade.

But maybe not everything. Here are some details that you may not have been aware of:

Garnet is a dark red stone with a sparkly surface that shines in the light. It’s named for the Latin word for pomegranate, Granatum.

The name has also occasionally been used to refer to any deep red gemstone (although today, many people would call that kind of stone “ruby”).

If you’re wondering how to pronounce this shade’s name correctly, it’s like “gar-net,” but with an emphasis on the first syllable (GAR-net).

In ancient times, it was believed that garnets could protect travellers from harm during journeys across rough and dangerous terrain.

Today, though we may not be travelling by camel through the desert very often anymore, many brides still use garnet jewellery as part of their wedding ensemble because of its romantic quality. 

If you wish to know more about Garnets or wedding jewellery with Garnets, you will find a treasure of information on the internet.

You can also visit reliable jewellery stores to take a look at the trending wedding jewellery designs.

Now, let’s get on with those Garnet wedding ideas

Perfect Shade for Winter or Early Spring Wedding

With a name that evokes the deep red of the jewel, garnet is a rich and romantic shade.

Here are some great ways to incorporate it into your wedding.

Generally speaking, garnet is not recommended for summer weddings as it can quickly become overwhelming in warm weather, but it’s an excellent choice for a winter or early spring wedding. 

A garnet-themed wedding can be either elegant or rustic, depending on the materials used and how they are incorporated into your event.

Garnet-inspired details work well on their own and compliment other colors such as blush pink or Marsala, another rich shade of red. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite ways to use this color on your big day!

Garnets would make an excellent addition to any early spring wedding’s floral arrangements.

Add several bunches of flowers in different shades of red to your bouquet and surrounding décor for depth and dimension with varying shades of the same color.

If you want something slightly more subdued but equally romantic, try incorporating some rose quartz into your décor since rose quartz has similar hues and soft tones as garnet while adding a touch of elegance with its light tones.

You Can Always Go White With Your Garnet Wedding

If you’re looking for a very neutral color to pair with your garnet, you can always go with white. This classic and elegant choice never goes out of style, and it will allow you to highlight the rich red tones of the garnet in other aspects of your wedding.

White is also a good choice if you want to pick a different color for your bridesmaid dresses or having a winter wedding because it looks beautiful when paired with red and green, the traditional colors of Christmas.

White is also a commonly used color in religious ceremonies, so it’s perfect for those couples who have planned an intimate ceremony at their church or chapel.

A Garnet Wedding Bouquet Can Really Help Make the Look Pop!

A garnet bouquet can be a great addition to your wedding look if you’re going with a neutral or white dress.

The contrast between the dark red of the flowers and the more subtle color of your dress will make you stand out from the crowd!

Additionally, garnet is a color that signifies love and passion, which makes it perfect for a wedding. 

If you’re deciding between different types of bouquets, remember that photos are forever! A garnet bouquet will look especially good in photos.

Garnet-colored flowers also make bridesmaids’ dresses stand out better, so they’ll be looking their best in all your pictures as well.

Keep Your Garnet Wedding Colors Simple and Chic

If you’re looking for a way to incorporate greenery into your wedding but want it to match the “less is more” mentality, consider going with a minimalist centerpiece made of greenery.

This can be as simple as putting one type of greenery in a vase in the middle of the table and calling it a centrepiece.

They can even be different heights and shapes, so long as they all contain some sort of greenery.

There are many options for types of greenery: eucalyptus, olive branches, and laurel are just a few that you could use for centrepieces.

You could make them look elegant by putting them in glass vases or white ceramic pots with gold accents or making miniature topiary balls out of olive branches like the ones photographed below. 

You could also add pops of color by adding flowers inside some or all of your centrepieces (but not too many) or using colored candle holders that really bring out the greens in your arrangement.

Deep Burgundy Lip, and Nails Too For A Garnet Wedding!

There are no wrong choices when it comes to choosing a perfect shade of red for your wedding. There’s just the right one.

There’s a time and place for bold, bright colors, but it’s best to tone things down and opt for an understated look when you get married. 

Think of your wedding as a beautiful poem—it needs to rhyme and work in parts with the surrounding decor.

A deep purple is excellent if you want to go with burgundy decorations at your reception.

And if you want something more laid-back—a rose color palette might be more appropriate for brunch or tea parties.

In this article, we will show you how to apply lip gloss so it looks classy and stays on all night long!

Introduce More Red Tones to Your Garnet Wedding Invitations

The invitation is your guests’ first impression when it comes to weddings. It sets the stage for what’s to come!

Whether you want your guests to see hints of red or go all out with a color scheme that captures the essence of a garnet gemstone, you can ensure that your invites are anything but boring by tweaking a few elements:

If consistency is key for you, then we recommend keeping things simple.

Select paper in white or cream and use embellishments like red ribbon and a custom stamp featuring an image of either a garnet gem or something related to your wedding themes—such as an antique clock face (like Kate & Will), a tree (like Jennifer Aniston), or even an iconic city skyline (like Kim Kardashian).

If you want to introduce more red tones into your color scheme through your invitations, try using different shades of garnet on each piece.

Or match cardstock in one shade with fonts and embellishments in another—the possibilities are endless!

Garnet Is a Great Choice to Make Your Wedding Look Regal and Classy

Are you planning a wedding? Garnet is often used for winter weddings and can make the perfect choice for the happy couple who wants to add a touch of class to their special day.

Winter weddings can be hard to design since many colors associated with the warmer months just don’t convey the right mood. 

Thankfully, garnet’s rich, deep shade helps inject some much-needed warmth into your reception hall or other venues and adds a sense of regality to proceedings.

It also pairs well with a variety of different colors—for example, it would work particularly well alongside any silver decorations you might want to use in your table settings or bouquets.

Garnet is a gorgeous color that will add a romantic touch to your wedding. It’s the perfect hue for creating an elegant and classy atmosphere at your wedding without going overboard with glitz or glamour. 

There are many ways to incorporate this beautiful shade into your big day, whether you use it as the main theme or simply as an accent color.

It can be used in your centrepieces or as a background for photos of a happy couple.

We hope these garnet-inspired ideas have provided some inspiration to help make your wedding unforgettable!





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