Green Dress Shoes: How To Choose The Right Ones
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2 Jun

Green Dress Shoes: How to choose the right ones

green dress shoes

So you chose your perfect green dress for the occasion and now you don’t know what color of shoes to pick

Green Dress Shoes? Look What I Got For You!

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Green dress shoes
Green dress shoes

What style to pick when there is such a big variety of different brands? From Manolo Blahnik’s expensive range to more affordable at Massimo Dutti. Where do you go from there?

Depending on where you are aiming to go, whether it’s a cocktail party or just everyday wear, you need different kinds of shoes. There are occasions where you can literally take your favorite pair of sneakers. Or that could e an event like Red Carpet and you need to look chic.

green tunica
green tunica for summer

Let’s start with the colors that would suit the green dress perfectly

  1. Beige (light colors from white to beige) – suits perfectly well in summer. It will naturally elongate your legs and make you look even taller than you care.
  2. Red (all contrasting colors like red, yellow, orange, purple) – will make you look stylish and fashionable. You will stand out of the crowd very easily.
  3. Gold (shimmer polish from gold to silver) – will make you a star at the cocktail event.
  4. Brow (from light to dark) – will make you look more casual. You can transform every cocktail green dress into an everyday outfit for the work of a business meeting.

What colors to avoid with the green dress

  1. Black (from black to grey) – will make the green outfit go dull with no accent to the silhouette.
  2. Green (green with green is a bad sign) – unless it’s light salad green or it’s a part of patter or print.

The wedges that I am wearing are from Raphaella Booz – a Brazilian designer who makes good quality shoes. The inside of the shoe is made of genuine leather and the outer side is made of staw. It’s a perfect pair for summer.

How to choose shoes for a specific event

  1. Wedding – as it’s an event where you need to look the best I’d choose something more elegant. I’d go for a pointed toe or open toe and the heel can go from 5 to 12 cm depending on your references. Please check these from Raphaella Booz, Amazon, and my favorite brand N21.
  2. Cocktail or B-day party – and event where you can let yourself wear short dresses and be more casual (choose any heel you want, or maybe even sneakers). I’d choose these from N21 on a kitten heel or these yellow summer sandals to heat the dance floor.
  3. Work and everyday life – that would be something more casual even if you are wearing a parade dress. I’d highlight these from Amazon with a kitten heel and phyton print slingbacks and these slingbacks from Sergio Rossi.

Please also check my ultimate list of the best shoes for summer 2019. That will give you more ideas on how to style your outfit.

How to choose the outfit for your body type

If you wan to know how it’s better to dress for your specific type of figure, read here:

Enjoy your time dear woman!

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