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14 Aug

High quality designer bag dupes: Dior, Fendi, Chole

Designer bag dupes

So you always wanted to try one of these expensive designer bags but were in doubt whether to spend the money on it?

I have a really dope dupes I found that are of a very good quality! These 3 top trending bags these last seasons: Dior Saddle Bag, Fendi Bucket Bag, Chloe Faye Small Bag. As I strive only for high quality designer bag dupes, this is the creme de la crem of my findings!

Dior Saddle Bag costs around 2600$ and it only rises in price depending on the leather, etc. This cool dupe that I found is made of real genuine leather and it’s under 100$. It’s a real rare gem that you can ever find out there. I am proud to announce that it’s a Ukrainian brand and you can easily buy online to any place in the world. Check this Saddlebag dupe at Kachorovska store.

I would also pay closer attention to the Amazon selection that I prepared for you because those are the closest dupe to Dior Saddle bags. This is what I prefer from Amazon choice:

High quality designer bag dupes
High quality designer bag dupes

I was really surprised when I found this lovely Chloe Faye small bag for every possible occasion in this life. However, I never had an intention into investing in a small, almost a pocket bag. The price of the original Chloe Faye bag is around 1050$ on sites like Farfetch or Net-a-Porte. This bag is really cute, but I found a better duplicate here that is also made of real genuine leather. I think it’s even better than the original Chloe bag.

It’s less than a 100$ and is also handmade by Ukrainian artisans in Kyiv. They present it in 6 colors: black, beige, green, pink, blue, brown. And I already ordered the black one and thinking of the blue one as well.

chloe faye bag dupe
Chloe Faye bag dupe

Fendi bucket bag is my biggest love, but its price is 1000$. Saving money on luxury items is not such a bad idea especially when you can find a really cool duplicate. I love Kachorovska atelier for their handmade things and really affordable prices. Just think about the quality that you pay for. Can you imagine that you can get a designer bag for less than a 100$?

This bucket bag is already on my wish list! The only thing that I cannot decide is the color because I love both milky beige and a red one. This style also reminds me of a Birkin’s style. So classy and unique! You can take this bag for a walk, shopping and even a date! This is even a great gift to any woman out there.

I also loved this Amazon options so much that I decided to buy the one in brown and rock it with my Portuguese brown leather boots. Check it out!

My Amazon selection beats the original! Check it out yourself!

High quality designer bag dupes
High quality designer bag dupes
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