H&M Beauty Products That Work: My Makeup Secrets
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29 Aug

H&M beauty products that work: My makeup secrets

H&M beauty products review

Did you know that H&M cosmetics is a MAC Dupe?

And here is what you need to pay attention to!

H&M beauty products that work
H&M beauty products that work

Why I love H&M beauty products

Here I used all the H&M beauty products that work like magic. I used them all on these pictures and would actually buy them again when they are finished up.

According to recent rumours, they are so good because they are made of the same fabric where MAC is being made. It’s just I bought all these products for 2$ each!

Here in Portugal, we had a summer sale season from the end of July to the end of August. And if you were wondering what to buy – H&M should be on your “to-do” list.

Especially beauty product because they make me ditch MAC.

H&M cosmetics is a MAC Dupe
H&M cosmetics is a MAC Dupe
Best H&M Mascara review
Best H&M Mascara review

Best H&M Mascara review – a Clinique Mascara dupe

Maximalist Mascara – They have a great formula, and apparently, they never changed it because it hasn’t changed since 2010. It’s one of the most brilliant mascaras for a perfect volume. It reminds me of a Clinique Chubby Mascara.

It has the same shaped wand, and it’s non-silicone. The sale price was 2$ – it’s literally a real deal. It’s advisable that you use a base for this mascara.

Like this, it will hold a curl much better.

H&M Eyeshadow recommendations

Metallic Eyeshadows – I picked 2 liquid mate champagne colors and one silver metallic pen.

Those 3 babies have taken me aback! I have never seen so good in a while!

And they stay 24/7, which means they also don’t smear down and don’t slide anywhere. You will have to take them off with an eye makeup remover.

The wet champagne colors -“Fluid hues on the eye color” dry out on the skin literally in 3 seconds. If you want to blend those out, you need to react fast, or it will stay in the position you’ve put it.

I got one in a pinkish color called “Vintage Tulle” and a champagne shadow “Frizzante“.

Silver pen – “Easy on the eye color” in the shade “Supermoon” is amazing for highlighting an inner and outer side of an eye.

The consistency of it cannot be comparable to any other product I have seen. This is a big recommendation!

Pay closer attention to this product if you plan to stand out from the crowd! I’d use it for a photoshoot, a night out, New Year’s Eve party, and every day to add an extra highlight.

H&M Lip pencil review – An ArtDeco dupe

Lip Definer – One of my most favourite lip colors is this tiny lip pencil that is a total dupe of ArtDeco waterproof 19 one. Insane match in color and it stays for a long time.

Since I like to use lip pencils mostly together with transparent lip balms – this one will stay in my cosmetic bag for a long time! I like it – I recommend it.

IMG 5202

H&M Concious Lip Balm

Lip Balm with Ginger – I am a big fan of Eco beauty products, and this lip balm definitely caught my attention. To be more precise, it’s a lip-softening product in a tube.

Shea butter, Jojoba oil, beeswax, castor oil, and ginger are very unusual solutions for lip product extract.

But it’s really good on the lips; it makes them softer and moisturized. It can be used before or after lipstick.

H&M Brow Perfector – A Benefit Dupe

The Brow Perfector – This is an amazing product for those who have no intention of spending hours shaping their brows with a pencil. Instead, you can use this bae, and that will be it.

It’s a total dupe of the Benefit eyebrow shaper, except it’s way cheaper. If you ever see it on the shelves – grab it and run! I have mine in the shade “Caramel” for blondes.

Here is also great tips and trick for those who are looking for luxury cosmetics dupes: Dior Lip Maximizer for 4$. What is the best curl-holding mascara this year, and how does it looks natural in 5min?

Don’t forget to take care of your skin after makeup. I love using an aloe vera mask before bedtime after cleaning my daytime makeup! It’s natural, has non-clogging pores ingredients and is environmentally friendly.

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