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25 May

How to become a Model: My Experience

How to become a model, take your own pictures

Were you wondering how to become a model? I will tell you all about it

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How to become a model, take your own pictures

Whether you are 12 or over 20 and you still want to get into the modeling industry you need to learn how to pose and take your own pictures. This is the key if you want to learn how to become a model.

Why is it necessary to learn how to take your own pictures?

Multiple times you will be asked to send snaps or other pictures with no makeup Even those that show your ability to work and for that, you would need a portfolio.

As a starter, you might think that you need to spend a lot of money on a photographer, a retouched, and a makeup artist. This is not true, you can learn how to do it all on your own. The only thing you would need is a camera and your desire to work. By practicing that you will understand whether you really want to be a model or not.

IMG 1160

Correct lightning is the key to perfect pictures

So, you have decided that you want to be a model. You have prepared your camera and set it on a self-timer mode. The only thing here you have to take care of is lightning.

So how does the lightning work?

Whether you have the softbox or not, that would be advisable to use as much natural lighting as possible. Natural lighting will make your picture look much more trustworthy and believable than the studio ones. Especially if you are trying to take snaps for the first time.

IMG 1181

Here is how I prepare for the shooting

I choose a white wall instead of a professional studio background. From one side I have a window, so that means I will be getting much natural light. On the right side, I got a softbox that I got from Amazon. The light from the window has to go right above the window, but not directly into your face. If you choose to shoot from 1-2 pm that will be a perfect time, but be careful because the sun will give you a yellow shade. So this is why I like to balance it out with the artificial softbox lightning.

Both flashes of lightning have to be in equal positions in regards to your body and face. So that one side will be lit more than the other one, you have to check that with your camera.

After that, I put a camera on the tripod or just adjust it on the level of my face and body so that I could see myself in the mirror or the display. When I see that I like it, I start shooting with the help of the remote control or just a button of the camera.

Here is how I take my own pictures

How to be confident for the photoshoot

The key to perfect pictures is the right kind of mood and confidence in yourself. Especially confidence, because it shows immediately on the pictures. Without understanding that you are doing everything right – it won’t be possible to achieve the desired result. This is a major topic in modeling and here I also tell you that you can beat your uncertainties and boost your self-esteem with modeling.

Do you want to know how to improve your self-esteem just by taking pictures? Modeling will help you and here I tell you how exactly it will work in your favor. Do not stay ignorant, especially when it comes to your future profession.

How to find a model agency

So, you have a few pictures for your portfolio. What do you do next?

Physical requirements to become a model

Here you have two options: Signing up with a model agency or becoming a Freelance model. Both variants are good depending on your physical stats. If you desire to become a fashion model you need to be 175-180 cm and if you want to be a commercial model your height is not that necessary. You can literally be somewhere from 160 to 172 cm and do very well anywhere in the world.

If you want to become a Fashion Model

If you are tall and want to get into a serious fashion world – it’s better for you to hit the famous model agencies that have already recommended themselves on the market. Here in Europe, we know such as Elite, WomenManagment, Ford, Next, etc. It all depends on your location.

They will send you to China for the first time as they usually do. In rare cases, they can send you directly to Milan, Paris, London, or New York. Be careful of those who ask money for that kind of service. This is not the market where you need to spend your own money!

How to become a model, take your own pictures

If you want to become a Commercial Model

Do not underestimate your physicality. You might not have the right height to be a fashion model, but you would need to have a “good” face for the camera. You will work with the photographer most of the time where the biggest request is a pretty face.

Examine yourself in the mirror and try to practice shooting yourself on the camera. This is why I insist so much on learning to take your own pictures. It’s a must for your start and it will be so much easier if you already knew how to move and where you look the best.

By the pretty face, I mean either classical symmetrical facial traits or something that stands out like fuller lips. You can check out commercial models like Belle Lucia, Sara Sampaio, Cindy Mello, and many more. They never appear on the runway, but they always work in front of the camera.

I hope that information was helpful enough for you to understand how to become a model. If you have further questions, let me know.

Iryna Fedorchak

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