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22 Jun

How to Buy An Hermès Bag: a buyer advises

Here I will tell you how to buy an Hermés bag easily if you were thinking of Kelly or Birkin

This is an instruction on how to buy your Kelly or Birkin from Hermés by yourself.

So how to buy an Hermés bag easily? I’ve got my Kelly from a store in Lisbon (which I agree with you, it’s not Paris…but Hey! it’s Hermes!). I’m sure you have that extra 20$ to get a plane ticket here (search for deals at Ryanair or Easyjet; It’s not that expensive to get here; it’s much more convenient than in Paris).

Otherwise, you can also read my post on three reasons why you should get a personal shopper to get the Hermés bag:

Why Lisbon is the best location for getting an Hermés bag

how to get an Hermés bag


The official Lisbon store is located at Chiado, not far from the central shopping mall. Of course, in comparison to all the others, it’s minimal as it only has two tiny rooms—one entrance with their famous Brasilian silk scarves on the front and the other one with shoes.

Nevertheless, the staff is more welcoming and helpful than our lovely Frenchies.

But before you decide to visit the store, please mind that there are a couple of rules that you might want to follow.

Personal shopper in Lisbon

How to buy an Hermés bag

Here they are:

Prepare your outfit if you’re going to buy an Hermés bag

Please note that it’s better that you choose a very classic or neutral color, such as black, grey, white or beige (my favorite one). The seller needs to have a specific impression of you.

That is why you need to represent yourself as a confident, classy woman that can afford everything in the store). However, the look should not show that you were trying too hard (consider something that would be casual chic).

On that day, I wore beige jeans, a simple monotonous white T-shirt, and a white blazer with one front button + beige, white sandals on the mid chunky comfortable heel.

how to buy Hermes bag

how to buy Hermés bag

What could be your perfect variant for the Hermés interview?

Top preferences for Hermés interview

If you don’t know where to start, please check in your wardrobe if you have a classy white cotton shirt or a blouse (in case you don’t have it, you can check something affordable like Zara or any other mass-market store (what’s important is to wear basics).

how to buy Hermes bag

how to buy Hermés bag

In that case, I would ask you to leave your beautiful ruffled top, striped pattern blouse, see-through lace designs, etc…Trust me, this is not the place where you need to show off your summer gems.

Ok, so we have a white shirt…now we can build your impeccable outfit. If that is too hot for you to take a blazer or a coat, you can stay like this; if not, please find a simple black blazer (again, no summer patterns, no bright colors, no flowers or butterflies.

how to buy Hermes bag

how to buy Hermés bag

Bottom preferences for Hermés interview

To make this look more casual, you need to have jeans that would look just perfect on you (once again, please, no distressed style and no holes. Preferably your jeans are dark blue, black or white. A design could be different: flared, high-waisted, straight, cropped, or skinny. Whatever looks better on you.

Or a dark pencil or light skirt would also be great if you want more class.

how to buy Hermes bag

how to buy Hermés bag

Choose perfect shoes for Hermés

And now choose your shoes. I would recommend something with a pointed toe to make it all classy.

If you feel comfortable in ballerina shoes, feel free to choose those.

The most desirable choice would be these classic pumps on a mid-heel.

How to buy Hermes bag

How to buy an Hermés bag

How to choose a bag for luxury shopping at Hermés

Now…ideally would be to pick a very classy bag, (if you can afford you should wear a bag that is no less than 2000$ if price…however, you can also take something less eye-catching like a mini with no visible logo, no visible name)

Of course, it cannot be bright red or purple, even if that is Luis Vuitton.

Jewelry preferences for Hermés interview

Darling, please don’t forget that you are a beautiful woman and want to emphasize that with some tiny golden studs.

Finish that with a simple makeup like one coat of mascara, a bit of a blush, and a pinkish lip balm would do.

Make sure that your hairdo is fresh and fits the style you chose.

Now you are ready to buy your Hermés bag!

Remember, confidence is your best makeup and outfit! Smile and be polite, ask for help, and ask constructive questions. Try perfumes, check other things in the store, and don’t look for prices because they are not there.

If a seller gives you their business card, you can relax a bit… You will probably be asked for your contact and name for the waiting list.

Finally! All you have to do is wait a bit…

I got my Kelly within two months (and believe me, it’s a short time since people have been waiting for years!)

Any questions? Feel free to drop a message to my e-mail box.

By the way…

I found a way to omit this Seller-Buyer Hermés game. Of course, it’s a reseller, and one of my best recommendations is Vestiaire Collective. 

They work directly with sellers on sourcing the luxury items on the website. Private buyers trust the network to source authentic and highly in-demand items. The items can be new, hardly used to worn previously. 

I use their service and can heartfully suggest it. 

Take a look around!

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