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13 May

How to go from Straight to Curly hair

Straight to curly hair women

Have you always wanted to make this straight hair more voluminous and curly?

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I will tell you, I was born with very straight hair and all the tentatives to make it curly went down immediately at the beginning

The thing is in the hair structure and the products that you are using. Even if it sounds too cheesy, it is so.

I also thought that listening to Youtube bloggers and putting a ton of hair products, especially conditioners was a really great idea. But this is no the case if you want to make tiny bumpy curls.

Straight to Curly hair: What to do?

So basically what I did as a straight hair owner is using mainly one product. This was just a moisturizing shampoo with no hair conditioner or a mask. That means that your hair will not be filled with silicon and sulfates. If your hair is not filled with heavy products that are weighing down your hair structure, it will automatically and naturally be lightweight. It will also become a bit dry, but this is what you want if you need this curl to hold on for the next 48 hours.

What products to use to hold a curl for 48 hours

Just as a disclaimer: I also did not use any hair spray or a hair fixer. If your hair is damaged, bleached, and way too dry you may use a hair protector. When you heat your hair – it looses the natural moist and becomes dry. Do not even think about using oils even if they are natural. Oil and heat will burn your hair, and you will just need to cut it off.

This method is safe for those who need this hairstyle for an occasion, but it is not advisable to overheat your hair every day. Eventually, it will become too dry at the ends and you will get damaged and split ends.

Take care of your hair and do not let the damage because of temporary fashion.

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