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9 Oct

How to wear leopard print

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Hey ladies!

Leopard print has always been off and on from a season to a season. This l

season we can take out our animals from the closet and rock the street look of 2019. Of course, it’s not really a common thing to have it if you are European or American, but everybody knows that if you wear a leopard outfit, you must be Russian =) So the question is: “How do I wear leopard without looking tacky“?

Animal print can be very complimentary and look interesting if:

  1. You don’t locate it very close to your face (it can make you look older).
  2. You don’t dress the total leopard print outfit (it doesn’t look great on anyone unless you are Lady Gaga).
  3.  You don’t choose leopard print mixed together with floral or any other outstanding prints.
  4. You are no trying to look sexy (like wearing a bondage leopard print dress)

What you can do with it is:

  1. Try to pick only 1 leopard print item. (like in my case a bag strap from Salvador Bachiller, you can choose loafers, etc.)
  2. Try to choose more basic matching outfit (like a neutral color dress 
    Off Shoulder Ribbed Dress
    , jeans, white simple T-shirt, so it doesn’t look vulgar).
  3. Try to wear a casual makeup without red lips (unless it’s a night out ).

Iryna Fedorchak

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