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11 Mar

Is it bad to wear revealing clothes?

Taboo topic about is it ok or bad to be wearing revealing clothes

How bad it is to wear revealing clothes for women?

Wear revealing clothes? – a controversial topic for our society of any age and era. Women have always been discussed and criticized for that factor of showing off their bodies. There is no escape from that especially nowadays when you no longer have to seek for that, it’s there served on a silver platter.

So why do women wear reavealing clothing?

There are so many people fighting around that topic on all the resources like

I have found an immense amount of requests and questions of explanations on why it is so criminal for a woman to wear revealing clothes. There are two types of people:

1. women and men that criticize that

2. people that think it’s just a part of self-expression

At one side it’s ok to express yourself but most of the time we see that this so-called expression went beyond the common comprehension of what is considered to be normal. We look at those fully transformed women of the new are and think that it is ok to look like that. Often we compare ourselves with them. And when you are not an established personality and individuality yet you cannot understand what is really going on. When a teenager is getting compared to Victoria’s secret model clearly not having the same age and stats just by the fact of not being developed yet.

This factor is a big gap in women education. Women need to become stronger and start to love themselves for who they are.

Why do girls wear revealing clothes and then complain when men stare at them?

The factor of sexual interaction plays a big part in answering this question. Women are the source of sexual energy as on their energy everything in the world is being built on. The fact that a woman is wearing revealing clothes means that she has a lack of sexual energy exchange. We as energetical beings do not need to have sex necessarily to get this exchange. Just by talking and looking we already get this energy we need.

This is quite shocking and at the same time interesting. I don’t think that we should judge women for doing that. However, when it comes to children the only thing we need is proper education and a specific direction.

Should I wear reveling clothes if my husband or a boyfriend is asking for?

Dear women, you should not be ashamed to be who you are. And you are primarily a woman. You can hide in the public but it is totally welcomed to reveal your sexual beauty and share it with your beloved. You have to enjoy your physicality here and right now. Remember, that your body does not belong to you, so why not get a little joy?

Women of Muslim religion such as from Pakistan, Marocco and some of India have drawn my attention.

I have noticed an interest to wear Western clothes or those that would remind Western style.

Dear women, you should try it out and express yourself more freely. It does not mean that your native outfit is bad, it’s just you will feel like a different person if you just try it out.

I would love to help you out on this. Please ask more questions – it’s FREE!



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