Kaolin Clay Mask: How To Fix Your Beauty Issues
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15 Jan

How to fix your beauty issues with just Kaolin Clay Mask: My beauty routine

Kaolin Clay Mask
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Looking for the best working face and hair mask that can also be affordable? I got Kaolin Clay Mask for you!

Before the beauty industry popped up with the overwhelming quantity of beauty items and supplies we only had a specific set of “working bottles”. Come on, ask your grand-mom what she used to use for her beauty routine back then. One of those “oldie but goodie” was a kaolin clay mask for literally everything.

Why women use it? It was and still is a dope excess oil controlling beauty tool. It helped millions of people fight and heal acne, breakouts, scalp irritation and excessive grease, etc. And the best part of it is that kaolin clay does not have drying effects on skin and is a saver for those with dry and sensitive skin.

Kaolin clay is predominantly white and has a very muddy texture. It is rich in “Kaolinite,” a type of mineral. It has been used widely in today’s large and small companies that might suggest a slightly alteres formula. Usually it comes in a white colour, but can also be colourful depending on the mixture of ingredients. Always pay attention to the 1st stated ingredient on the bottle which should always be Kaolin.

It is believed and tested that Kaolin mask does not over dry the skin, so do not worry about it. If you tested it once and it did dry it out, most likely it has other drying ingredient in it.

Kaolin clay has multiple benefits when used topically and in different DIY skin care recipes. Let’s take a look at what it does to your skin.

Why use Kaolin mask? Because I use it =) Really, the magical thing just does not strip your skin off of natural moisture and glow. It does clean out the pores and makes it more toned. With consistency usage you will get even skin tone and a much cleaner look.

2. Pure natural skin cleanser

Kaolin clay deals with dirt and especially pollution. I hate it when I walk out side and in 20 min and feel like city left its’ trace on my face. It concerns all people that live in big cities with not such a clear air outside.

3. Use it to heal and calm irritation

There are two things I love to use when it comes to irritations and rashes: Coconut Oil and Kaolin Clay. Say good bye to your inflammation and after a razor cuts on your skin!

5. Can be used as a scalp treatment

Kaolin clay can also help to keep your scalp clean and irritation free. Say “so long” to greasy hair and scalp! Whenever I feel like nothing is going to help me + it is literally tropical climate here, so I use the same Kaolin Clay Mask for scalp and roots of my hair. It takes away the oils and tones down the hair. Especially for those who suffer the dandruff – Use Kaolin Clay at least once a week.

A lot of people would go for DIY mask as it is really very easy to do (just put once of water and swirl). I instead use ready to use things that I can also easily buy. Look what I personally use and used it for this photoshoot 🙂


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