My Modest Outfit Ideas: How To Look Modest And Creative
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19 May

My Modest Outfit Ideas: How to look modest and creative

Modest outfits ideas

Modest outfit ideas – Popular myth and beliefs

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Modest clothing has always been in association with religious clothes

When a non-muslim woman thinks of modest clothes they are often mistaken by the myth that still needs to be debunked. At the same time when a Muslim girl thinks of how it actually needs “to be”, they often think of hijab only. I would like to introduce some creative modest outfit ideas over here.

Modest outfit ideas

As a modest fashion enthusiast, I would love to share my modest outfit ideas with you.

I would say that this is not the only option that women of religion can potentially wear. Modest clothes are meant to preserve the dignity of a woman, but nobody said that it has to be boring. Since modest clothing offers the usage of a lot of fabrics and materials – it automatically becomes obvious that it’s a vast field for fashion experiments. After all, fashion is an empowerment for women.

Do Trendy modest clothes even exist?

As I mentioned earlier modest clothes can be used in a lot of different variations. It all depends, how you use your imagination and those modest materials. Nobody is saying that you have to ditch a hijab or whatever traditional clothes you are wearing. But you can definitely add some style and see things from a different perspective.

Trendy modest clothes exist and depend only on your own interpretation of style and feeling of fashion. You can take just one trendy thing and layer it up with your most comfortable and common clothing.

The quality of fabrics in modest fashion matters

I would like to stress again the quality of materials, that you use. Even if the item you choose is in the trendy modest clothing niche, it would ruin all the class if it’s not made of natural fabrics. Always remember, it’s not the actual price that defines the item, but the quality. Modest fashion should all be made of good quality materials like cotton, linen, cashmere. and silk. Try to stay away from polyester and related fabrics.

Creative Modest Outfit ideas for everyday life

  • Use a shirt for men and fix it with a wide or a narrow belt. (Always a great idea to be modest but still creative)
  • Use your husband’s thawb and fix it with a bet (like on the pictures)
  • Use a silk or chiffon scarf to insert it within your ponytail or a braid
  • Leave the long ends of the headscarf at your front (as in the pictures)
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