Natural Nails: Model Recommends The Best Tips On How To Grow
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27 Feb

Natural Nails: 4 Model’s Tips on how to grow and maintain

natural nails
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I admit I used acrylic cover until they ruined my natural nail surface completely!

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Is it easy to get great natural nails?

I am a model and I always have my hands and nails in the camera. Natural nails need to be perfect and look really healthy. I never liked to pay too much attention to maintaining a good look that and one day I just decided to get acrylic nails because it was so popular and it looked really easy to get.

And yes, indeed, it is very easy to see the manicurist 2 times a month and let her fix my nails for another 2 weeks. You don’t need to bother about fixing your nails on your own and they do always look great especially on camera.

Little did I know! Once I was hired for a shoot where I needed to get my nails short and no polish on. So I went to get those off. There…..I cried. I got ripped off of my nail surface almost completely. My nails became so thin that I couldn’t even touch anything or put my hands inside the pocket because it was so painful!

Is it possible to have natural nails that are strong?

I decided that it was the last time I let someone ruin my healthy natural nails for my own money. Literally, I paid money for ruining my nails (p.s. they were perfectly healthy before).

No longer did I want to get acrylics or anything disturbing to my nails. So I decided that it was high time to start taking care of my natural nails. Because my nails were pretty healthy and long before I knew. how to take care of that. But little did I know that this process will take me the next 3 months to recuperate.

This is why I have long and strong natural nails

  1. Take care of your cuticle daily before you sleep

You do not necessarily need to buy extra products to take care of your cuticle. Right, on the contrary, I used a pea-size drop of olive or almond oil just around the nail. Whenever I had nothing near I would always use just my lip-balm and it works like wonders. All about cuticle care scroll down the page.

2. File the nail up until the fingertip

In order to avoid further damages I filed the nails up until the fingertip. It will be very uncomfortable and painful to touch anything with your nails. So I decided to start from the very beginning.

Long natural nails

3. Vitamins for nails and hair for healthy growth

Usually vitamins for nails and hair contain biotin in the ingredients. Biotin provokes growth of new cells hence it will boost the growth of nails and hair as well. I took Vitamin Complex for no longer than 30 days. Take into consideration that biotin is a toxic vitamin and should be taken in moderate amount so do not overdo with it because you might get side effects like rash. It is better to consume it with the vitamin complex just to be on the safe side.

4. Nail polish for growth and strength

After 30 days I started using 1 coat of a transparent nail polish that was made for additional strength. It is very important to preserve and save your nails in good position for the further growth. In order to avoid you need to add additional surface. My top one choice is EVELINE and the second one is from Sally Hansen.

It took me 3 month to grow back my nails as you see them now. From 0 to the length captured on the pictures. Now I am able to have my nails natural and I no longer need any additional coat on unless I want to.

Pay attention to your cuticle

Your nail polish may look expensive and very elegant looking, but without a proper cuticle care, you will not be able to look expensive and just in general well treated woman. Please pay attention to this part and this is what you can do to maintain a good healthy look of natural nails:

  • moisturize your cuticle with oil ( I use almond oil or a natural DIY body butter made of she butter (karité) works the best at night time (just before going to bed).
  • moisturize with hand cream in the morning (preferable with vitamin E) with no grease and excessive oil like at night.
  • remove the outgrown cuticle with a remover at least once a week.


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