Body Butter For Glowing Skin That You Can Buy Or Make Yourself Easy In 5 Minutes!
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22 Jan

Body butter for glowing skin and perfect body

Body butter for glowing skin
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Are you trying to perfect your body as much as possible? Yes, I know, I am just like you!

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Body butter for glowing skin

The body that you have is a pure sculpture. You can create it and fit into any form you want. And this is a story how I make it with body butter for glowing skin.

My journey was not as easy and being a ballet dancer back then taught me that we are all a flexible material. Hence, the only thing was that at that time my body did not look like that of today. And the main reason was that I didn’t accept it and I didn’t love it.

I needed many years to accept who I really was and love things that were and not are perfect. And I cherish that experience that I had and that mark that it left on my body.

While working on acceptance you need not forget about the physical reality and and your physical body. It still needs to eat and receive care. By physical care I mean moisturising. And if you are my friend, you know that I love creams and butter 🙂

Body butter for glowing skin

So what do I use for the perfect feeling and the polished outlook for my body?

My number one most favourite body lotion contains Cocoa Butter. The Palmer’s Cocoa Butter is a must especially if you like chocolate smell on your skin. It’s not sticky and it absorbs so well without leaving any stains on clothes.

You can find it at any big supermarket in your hometown, but I prefer not to waste time and just order it here.

One very special trick to get silky smooth legs (very useful for summer).

Models’s tricks to get smooth skin: First use a gel-like lotion like a water melon or aloe vera. On top of that use a pinch of your usual body cream and in an hour you can also use body oil for a polishes look.

A must have set for summer:


I also make my own body butter which is also very healthy to use because it does not contain any chemicals. And to be honest it is relatively easy to make as I do not like anything too complicated.

Ingredients Checklist

  • 1/3 cup Cocoa Butter
  • 1/3 cup Shea Butter
  • 1/3 cup Coconut Oil
  • 1/3 cup Infused Almond Oil (mine was infused with a variety of healing flowers)
  • Optional: 7 drops Essential Oil of your choice

How I make my own Body butter for glowing skin

1.  Combine ingredients in a double boiler

Combine all of the ingredients, except for the essential oils in a double boiler.

2. Heat it all up

Gently heat the ingredients until the mixture is a liquid.

3. Remove it and put it into a fridge

It usually takes about an hour in the fridge. You’ll know it’s ready when the edges are beginning to harden. You don’t want it to get too cold and settled. It should still be soft and even a little bit liquid-y.

4. I add essencial oils

I wait until this point to add the essential oils. Adding them while the mixture is still hot defeats the purpose. Besides, there’s no need to worry about them not being mixed in. They have plenty of time to be whipped in.

5. Mix it all up

Use a mixer for this or a fork.

Once it’s fluffy and its’ texture is consistent – You’re done!

Do not put a hand full of the mixture – Use it wisely!

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