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Are you looking for a personal consultation?

Welcome! I assume you have already seen me on Youtube or read my blog post. Thank you for spending time with me ;) I hope it was helpful. 


I know you still might be confused about your body type because, after all, not all people will fit the 13 types of Kibbe's system. I agree! Even I don't!


Or maybe you have major questions about your seasonal color palette and how to construct your capsule wardrobe, working everyday clothes, etc.


Here I decided to create a small service to help you with all these questions to ease and elevate your life.



  • What is my color palette?
  • What is my body type?


  • How do I build a perfect wardrobe?
  • What things to buy online?
  • How to elevate my wardrobe?


I like to pick up one major question like "What is my color palette" and do an analysis together with an online shopping guide, for example, Zara, Etsy, Amazon stores etc. (or as per your preference).


It's up to you which questions you'd like to pick.

As for now, all the questions will go at one price as per one-time consultation. 


Please, consider that you will have to send me your pictures on which I will base my analysis.


And that might take up to 11 business days to analyze your data.


PLEASE email me before pressing the button irynafedorchak@filosofashion.com


Once you received your report - there is No Refund policy.


Please respect yours and mine time and effort.



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