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17 Sep

Personal shopper for Hermés

How to find a personal shopper for Hermés

Have you been thinking about getting your Birkin or Kelly from Hermés? Probably you heard that the process was quite complicated and took too much time to wait? The answer is yes. Yes, it takes a long time for a lady to get her desired bag even if you are rich and famous.

We heard multiple stories how Hermés seller denied Oprah of a bag in Paris and even she had to be on a waiting list.

To get Birkin from Hermés can take years to get

Nobody likes to wait!

Thank God, that nowadays you can ask a professional to get it for you. You could even check out a reseller’s site. We all know that Vestiaire is one of the best and most trusted websites in the world.  There you can see that Kelly and Birkin bags are getting sold like hot potatoes.

However, you feel like you’d like your bag to be brand new, unworn and directly from the Hermés official shop. Surely, you want your receipt to be in your pocket.

Additionally, you could check my previous post on How to get Birkin or Kelly by yourself.

Why you need a personal shopper for Hermés?

  1. You will save your money in comparison to a reseller. We all know that at a reseller’s site the price will be doubled and a personal shopper would only take a small commission for the request to be done.
  2. You will save your time. You need at least 6 months to many years of waiting if you do it yourself. And there is no guarantee that you will get the bag even if you are on a waiting list.
  3. You will save your nerves. The process can be nerve wreaking if you need the bag on a specific date like your birthday and you have no time to waste.

You have three reasons why you need a personal shopper to get your Birkin from Hermes.

If you still have questions and doubts in regards to this process send me a message on any social media or here in the comments.

Don’t hesitate, let’s resolve your questions together.


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