Posing For Models: Do You Have To Be Beautiful?
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7 Jan

Posing For Models: Do you have to be beautiful?

Can posing for models improve self-esteem? Here I tell you how to do it just with your camera

Improving self-esteem is a very controversial topic for discussion. As there are people that would say that “modeling” is absolutely unnecessary and non-logical activity. It does not help anyhow and on top of that, it might be very harmful as one needs to be skinny all the time and be on a constant diet to fit into the standard size.

posing for models
posing for models

So how to improve self-esteem when there is almost no way to do it?

Nowadays, the look of a standardized model is mesmerizing you, glaring from the shelves with Vogue magazine covers portraying an overly sexualized image of a woman. It is true, this kind of perception of a woman became highly reflective these days.

Posing For Models

Will becoming a model help you feel better about yourself?

Seems like, women started being “this object” perceived through the eyes of a man. Standardized beauty brought a bigger need in plastic surgery, which started a new trend of today. A lot of countries like South Korea, Brasil, Ukraine, etc. are promoting the business for women that have low self-esteem. So how to improve self-esteem with all these facts? Should you become a model?

We lost the whole understanding of who we are and what we need to do in this life. We watch Instagram and most of the time we encounter all perfected photoshopped models that transpire the whole dimension of a new reconstructed female image without even understanding the cause of it. You can look at the beautiful picture but do not see the real feeling of it. The more we look with no perception of reality – the less we know the real value of it.

“Killing” your time looking at Instagram models?

posing for models

Have you ever caught yourself watching Instagram Feeds just with an intention of “killing the time” not only before bed but also multiple times during the day? The answer is yes. Nobody can notice that giving our time away to unnecessary realms such as social media is harmful because it shapes our perception of our own self-esteem and understanding how other people should look.

The look, the face, the body of a model makes you feel different and you start to judge secretly knowing that you would want to be the same. Is that really an image that you want to have?

An image of that perfected Instagram model is destroying your self-esteem if you feel the need for plastic surgery. It does, the influence of social media nowadays is undeniable for the psychic health of every person especially for fragile women and teenagers.

That means that you need to work on your understanding of who you are, your uniqueness, and practice self-love.

Self-confidence will come only through self-love and appreciation

I paused my social media interaction for a couple of months, which helped me a lot in my life journey. What made me improve my self-esteem was modeling. This might sound very controversial that I had to beat low self-esteem with something that may “kill” it completely.

Yes, I tried to improve my confidence by taking as many pictures of my face and my body as I could. The more pictures I took – the more I was working on self-love and understanding that I love that body and that face more than anything in the world! You are the only person that you have and only you can love yourself more than everybody else!

Most of the people think that someone else should come and love you when you are in need or when you are suffering. The force of love is hidden only in you. Nobody else is going to love you because you think that it has to be this way.

How to heal yourself with a “weapon” self-portrait

First of all, start to take pictures and see what is it that you like in yourself and how you feel about it. Notice what you do not like and try to see “why”, try to understand that, and try to accept that. Take into consideration that even if you are overweight and trying to lose fat desperately, you are skinny and fighting anorexia, you have a big nose, and thinking of plastic surgery.

You still think you cannot do it? Look here, I tell how I became a model with no perfect stats! Here you will see how to look taller in life and in pictures!

Learn to accept that and fall in love with a person that you see in the picture. That would be helpful to learn to love your naked body. You have to watch it as much as possible, take pictures until you understand that you are the love. That is what I did and that is what helped me along the life journey.

Self-acceptance is the key to transforming and shifting your perception. Afterward, all the rest will come along.

Posing For Models: Where To Start?

Please note that it does not matter what kind of camera you will use at first. Whether it is an android cellphone or a professional Canon camera, this is all only about your ability to enjoy what you do. The most important thing is to start feeling comfortable using a camera as well as acting in front of it.

I use EOS Canon 600D myself (for self-portraits like these). 

It has been discontinued, so these are those that I would use instead:

At first, you need to test and understand where the best natural lighting is at your home. I always find a place where the light has an obstacle to shine through. The closer you get to the light (in my case the window) the better it will be for you. 

Please mind that the lightning also depends on the weather, the season and the hour of the daytime.

For example, in winter it is almost always darker outside than in the summer. But that would not mean that you cannot take pictures during the rest of the winter. Right the contrary, I usually wait until the sun is shining right through the window and that is around 2-4 pm.

At that time, I always catch the sun and the perfect natural light. It does not mean that you have to do exactly the same. Just notice when the sun rays fall  through your window or the place where you have chosen to test the camera. 

How to shoot with natural lighting

I use natural lighting in 2 ways

  1. I sit with the window behind me and place the camera right in front of my face. In this way, the light will smush and erase all your skin imperfections. For example, if you have small pimples or scars, they will vanish. This lighting will be like a natural Photoshop to your skin.
  2. If I have no possibility to do so and there is only the possibility to stand with half of your face in the light and the other half is in the dark shadow then I would use the help of one softbox. So in that way, the strength of lighting will be equal. By doing so all your face will be enlightened.

Peace, love





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