Posing For The Picture: Model's Tips And Tricks
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26 Jul

Posing for the picture: Model’s tips and tricks

Posing for the picture

You think portrait posing is intricate and you don’t know what to do with your face?

Let me help with posing for the picture!

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posing for the picture

Posing for the picture can be easy if you learn these simple tricks that I, as a model, will show you. If you watched the video above, you could notice how I move, especially how I look into the camera. If you liked the attitude and want to act the same, follow the article below.

Portrait photography poses female

Regardless of your gender, photography posing takes time to learn and practice. Even if you are a photographer, you still need to position your models somehow. What usually works well for me is getting comfortable without overthinking how it will turn out. But since I already know how exactly I want a photograph to come out in the end, I try to co-work with my shooting partner or “make love” to the camera.

I practised shootings with multiple photographers, and I always used the same technique. I have never heard a photographer say something terrible about it. 100% of the time, the photographer and the result were satisfying.

Posing for the picture: What to use?

The previous article explains why it is essential to be “flirting” with the camera. It does show your confidence, and it’s an excellent practice for those who lack it. If you are in your beginner-level journey, try to put a self-timer on your camera and switch the music on, and you will feel more relaxed and be natural. Act as if nobody is watching you, and nobody ever will judge you and your looks.

By the way, I use EOS Canon 600D (for self-portraits like these). The manufacturer has discontinued it, so these are those that I would use instead:

Professional model poses: Face Modelling

If you watched any other professional models acting in front of a camera, you’d see they are very confident and as quick as possible. Of course, the reason for this is not only confidence, but also they know exactly what they are doing. That means they are so in touch with their bodies that it all goes automatically. They don’t overthink how and what; they move!

So try three technics and see what works the best for you

  1. Pick at least five basic and easy model poses that you have found on the internet or even on my blog. Memorize and see yourself in the mirror if you can feel organically.
  2. Just be relaxed and switch on the music. Do not stop moving at least for 1 minute. Imagine that you are dancing naturally with the wind where the music brings a specific vibe and mood. If you need happy pictures, try to listen to something that brings happy memories. Whenever I need to be more severe or sexy, I always find TheWeekend or some lounge on Youtube. You can check the video at the beginning of the article.
  3. For better understanding, watch my Youtube Video explain how to pose for a portrait and how to move.

Pose like a model face expression: posing for the picture

There is an article dedicated to posing with your face-only blog. If you’d still like to get more tips and tricks about modeling, posing, and photography, you should check out my Youtube videos. Here are my favorite videos on recreating Rosie Huntington Whitley and Gigi Hadid’s photoshoots.

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