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2 Jan

Self-love must come first: How to love yourself


What is self-love for you?

Self-love must come first
Self-love must come first

When we think about caring about ourselves and feeling loved by our own selves, most of the time people do not even know what it is. When I ask people if they practice self-love they usually look at me with “Google” eyes asking me what that stands for. Meaning they never pause for a second and think that love starts from yours within. Quite often we wait for someone else to love us and care for us, whether it is a love partner, a parent or an animal.

None of you thinks that investing in yourself is the greatest deal you could ever do to help the world be a better place. Only by helping yourself first you can achieve world harmony. Just by loving yourself first you can see others love you. Because only by investing quality time to yourself you prove that you deserve the best.

Self-love must come first
Self-love must come first

What women usually say to avoid…

And I know what you would say: “I have 3 kids at home with a husband and I also got 3 jobs running at one time. I have no time for myself. This is all a fairytale for those who have no family”. “I’m a busy student, in the morning I go to the university to study and at night I work as a waitress, etc…”

And you are right, I agree with you. Those who have more space and time can fully dedicate their time to themselves. But they do not have what you have. Your time with family, university, friends is an asset that cannot be compared to any other experiences. You could take into consideration valuing what you have.

What self-love should actually be

Self-love does not necessarily mean being dressed up in the latest brands or drinking champagne for breakfast. This just might be your extra 10 minutes at the bathroom applying your favorite moisturizer with the tasty smell. That surely could be “that” Sunday lazy morning when you indulge yourself with that extra one hour in bed, that could even be brushing your silky hair or applying a facial mask. That all will make you feel happy inside of you even if it is just for 10 minutes. Fter all, that can cause a huge difference in your overall mood and health afterward.

First of all, remember gratitude. Start saying: “I am grateful for...”, “Thank you”. You do have at least one thing to be happy about – it is you. Because your life is valuable and it matters. What you could do is something silly as buying yourself flowers, take yourself out for a cappuccino, cook a delicious dinner, watch a funny movie, put that beautiful lingerie on even if nobody can see it. It is so important to feel yourself.


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