Self Portrait Photography: At Home And Outdoor Inspiration
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26 May

Self Portrait Photography: At Home and Outdoor Inspiration

self portrait photography

Are you looking for inspiration for Self Portrait Photography?

I got your back! Keep on scrolling down!

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What is a self portrait photography?

Now, you apparently have an idea that a self portrait photo is basically as simple as a selfie. And you will be right! Accept that a selfie is considered to be a picture take with a cellphone and a self portrait photography I’d prefer to take with a bit more professional camera (which does not need to be necessarily expensive). Just grab a 300$ on Amazon and play around as I do!

self portrait photography

Why do I like a DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) camera for self portrait photography?

It’s way easier to use if you like to spend time editing on a bigger screen. It’s also easier to move the camera, flip the front screen so you can see yourself, plus I always use remote control, so it’s super affordable and simple.

To make a long story short here is a video where I explain how to use natural and artificial lighting at home. Check out how I make my own pictures with the use of remote control. This is an easy guide on how to make pretty modeling snaps or even the whole portfolio if you want to become a model.

How To Pose With Your Face?

self portrait photography

How do you take a good self portrait?

  1. Decide on the background (in my case I use a simple white wall or buy A5 size colorful paper and glue it up to the wall (unless you are a photoshop geek and have time to change background colors).
  2. Find the lighting (either it’s a window or you have at least 1 soft-box.
  3. Fix your camera so you could see your own face on the flipped screen.
  4. Makeup, outfit, and the whole concept of an idea is up to you (if you never did it before, I always recommend copying your favorites model portraits or take mine).
  5. Remote control ready!
  6. Ready to shoot!

These are the gadgets that I use and usually recommend to people:

Self Portrait Ideas: Where Do I start?

Do You need a lot for starting? No! Pick some of the most inspiring images/concepts for you. For me are always those above because I just love fashion models, Victoria’s Secret Angels and Baby Doll Faces, and of course Lingerie shots! If Pinterest Cannot help me, I’d always start practicing these:

  1. Model’s Snaps/Portfolio at home
  2. Copying Victoria’s Secret Angel Poses
  3. Lingerie/Beachwear Shots
  4. Baddie Outfit
  5. Soft Baby Face Snaps
self portrait photography
How to pose like a professional model
How to pose like a professional model
Body butter for glowing skin
Self Portrait Photography

Outdoor Self Portrait Ideas: Street-style & Nature

Were you wondering if you can make the same magic on the street? Of course! The only thing you would need is a tripod. Look what you can use:

1. If you have a soft-box you can take the lamp off and happily use the tripod for your camera.

2. A useful tripod that can twist and flip to all the verticals like this one from here:

всегда хорошо выглядеть
Outdoor Self Portrait Ideas
  1. A simple location where you can catch a “Golden Hour” Lighting
  2. A Golden Slip Dress is always a good idea for a Goddess Image
  3. Fly in the air with flowing hair
Elegant dress for a wedding guest
Outdoor Self Photography Ideas





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