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27 Jul

Stop Drinking Coffee: How I broke the habit

stop drinking coffee

How to stop drinking coffee and why should you in the 1st place?

But is it really true what they say? Plus, nobody gives a clear answer on how to stop drinking coffee…So here is my personal experience and maybe you could consider doing that too.

As I live in Lisbon, we tend to drink coffee around 5 times a day. espresso is very strong and a little shot can really give you an instant energy boom. You wake up, you have your morning coffee and that’s how you start your day. I was the same.

I used to have a very stressful job in the office where people encouraged each other to join them for a casual cigarette and a cup of coffee, so you could discuss all the necessary and unnecessary realities of life around. It’s very hard to deny your friend that says: “Hey, let’s have a coffee” during the break.

My daily coffee intake could exceed 5 cups of caffeine

That was a normal way of living for me until I discovered that I don’t rest well and as a result, I feel tired all the time. That strange feeling when you had your espresso but already in 15 min you start feeling tired. That started giving me a short-term effect and my body started using too much energy to digest it. I started questioning the benefits and drawbacks of caffeine and here is what I discovered.

The next day I decided to stop drinking coffee completely and start my day with a cup of tea and during the break, I would drink orange juice or tea. That’s it, I decided to see if my will power is strong enough. Hey, after all, millions of people quit this habit, so can I!

Strangely enough, for the first 7 days, I felt the energy level increase almost like a euphoria. If you try to distract your thought from coffee and instead think of something else, you will see that in 7 days you don’t even think about having a cup of coffee. Whenever you catch yourself on having thought about coffee, you just immediately shift your attention to something else.

stop drinking coffee

stop drinking coffee

For example, if you are standing in the coffee shop and you see all people are drinking coffee, you just change your view in the direction of healthy food. You can order a cup of your favorite juice instead and try to convince yourself that it’s much healthier for you and thus has more benefits.

Once you can handle the first 7 days it’s going to be easier. Your consciousness will automatically shift your attention to a more holistic way of living. In the course of 21 days, the habit will vanish completely. This is how our brain works naturally. It’s not only about coffee, but absolutely any addiction or habit. Just wait for the next 21 days!

Nobody said it’s going to be very easy, but you can stop drinking coffee!

This experience helped me understand not only that we are capable of reaching every goal, but also it made me feel better.

I’m not saying that coffee is bad for you, right on the contrary it has a lot of benefits. But the intake of coffee should be moderate! And if you just really love coffee as I do, I’d suggest you do a break. Your body will recover and you will start feeling better.

If you’re a coffee fanatic, I’d suggest going back to drinking coffee to a maximum of one cup a day but only after the break. Only when you understand that this is not a habit anymore and you could stop drinking coffee at any time.

Once you’re done with the negative habit, technically you could replace coffee with matcha powder. It’s green and healthy, and it’s able to give you that energy for the day. If you dislike it, you could also try green tea, it doesn’t make you fall for the habit, so you cannot be addicted. Look at my very best selection and what I usually drink every day:



Let me know how it goes for you.

Please comment down below and share your personal experience on how you went through the “stop drinking coffee” phase.






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