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28 Dec

The Hero Archetype In Style And Personal Wardrobe

the hero archetype
Are you wondering how The Hero Archetype looks like and how to style it? This article has all the answers! We can see the hero archetype in a warrior, soldier, superhero, rescuer, superman, competitor, winning athlete and a sports team player. The Hero is an understandable and textured archetype. A much deeper layer is in his motives. What motivates the Hero and makes him what he is? More often one of two things: the idea of ​​a superpower or a supreme idea of ​​justice. These two paradigms can drive our Hero into "tyrant-victim-rescuer". He will be a tyrant with a superpower and a super-idea of ​​justice - a saviour. the Hero archetypethe Hero archetypethe Hero archetype In the most advanced cases of excesses with these two hypostases...
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