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22 Jun

How to Buy An Hermès Bag: a buyer advises

How to buy Hermés bag

Here I will tell you how to buy an Hermés bag easily if you were thinking of Kelly or Birkin

This is an instruction on how to buy your Kelly or Birkin from Hermés by yourself.

So how to buy an Hermés bag easily? I’ve got my Kelly from a store in Lisbon (which I agree with you, it’s not Paris…but Hey! it’s Hermes!). I’m sure you have that extra 20$ to get a plane ticket here (search for deals at Ryanair or Easyjet; It’s not that expensive to get here; it’s much more convenient than in Paris).

Otherwise, you can also read my post on three reasons why you should get a personal shopper to get the Hermés bag:

Why Lisbon is the best location for getting an Hermés bag