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5 Mar

I recreate Chan​el Vintage look

Chanel Vintage 1980 1990, I recreate Chanel look from the 80s.
Chanel inspired look from 1980. The 1980s was the time when a woman started being something more than just a pretty silhouette in a skirt. That time introduced hats, elongated jackets, and most important trousers. Smoking became iconic preaching which was more for an aesthetic pleasure of holding a cigarette in the hand like a man than just doing it for the habit. Nobody was supposed to wear long long hair, moreover, short hairstyle became a real trend at that time. The only feminine thing that was left was jewelry like pearls and high heels. You do not neccessarily need to become a man or wear only male suits to look like from the 80's, but i belve that something...
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