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5 Mar

I recreate Chan​el Vintage look

Chanel Vintage 1980 1990, I recreate Chanel look from the 80s.
Chanel inspired look from 1980. The 1980s was the time when a woman started being something more than just a pretty silhouette in a skirt. That time introduced hats, elongated jackets, and most important trousers. Smoking became iconic preaching which was more for an aesthetic pleasure of holding a cigarette in the hand like a man than just doing it for the habit. Nobody was supposed to wear long long hair, moreover, short hairstyle became a real trend at that time. The only feminine thing that was left was jewelry like pearls and high heels. You do not neccessarily need to become a man or wear only male suits to look like from the 80's, but i belve that something...
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13 Feb

Becoming Yourself: The importance of who you are

Total white outfit for a woman that wants to become her better self. Gold chain necklaces
Do you sometimes picture yourself being in the shoes of another person and trying to imagine how that would feel to live their life at least for a day? Here is why it is important to think of becoming yourself! Is it really important for becoming yourself? I think you said "Yes", you did imagine how that would be to live that person's successful life with joy and satisfaction. But right after that you went back to reality and thought that life was way too hard to be real like that. Becoming Yourself That must have been all fake and not really worth the try. That would probably require to lose weight, start taking care of your body, change the diet and...
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7 Oct

Indian summer in Lisbon

Hello ladies! It's time for Indian summer and it's still hot here in Portugal, so it's time for natural materials. This warm color dynamics consists of linen, silk, cotton and of course straw.  It's a very functional outfit as you can choose this look for office and to go out at night if you change for stilettos and red lipstick. The white silk lace top and peach pink blouse from Massimo Dutti gives this look a bit of romanticism and feminine vibe as it's always better than the usual white shirt. The beige linen jacket doesn't look too official because of the material and color, however this correct geometrical shape together with classic lapels makes it comfortable for work and for...
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5 Jul

How to wear a fringe jacket

Hey ladies! I think you might have a fringe jacket in your wardrobe, don't you? If not, check it out! Don't you just want to have this bohemian kind of look sometimes? Make your everyday look more interesting! I personally like to match it with flared high-waist trousers recreating 70's vibe. I chose white summery outfit to make it look more fresh. All the materials are cotton which is also breathable. Don't forget about the quality as it's important to let your skin be alive. Go rock this summer!   Oi senhoras! Eu acho que você pode ter uma jaqueta de franjas no seu armário, não é? Se não, verifique este look em baixo! Você não quer ter esse tipo de look boêmio às vezes? Faça o seu dia...
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