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31 Aug

The Eight Style Roots— Find Your Core Aesthetics And The Clothes That Best Suit Your Vibe

style roots
Are you wondering what the 8 style roots system is? This article will help you understand it! What's this fuss all about the eight style roots? It’s good when Kibbe body types match your personality, but it’s a dilemma for individuals who don’t confide in these style aesthetics. It’s not rare for individuals to feel lost in their own body types. Their body may have “Kibbe Dramatic” imprinted in BOLD; but their soul may want to translate a different story, perhaps more gentle, sweet, or sensual.  This is where “Style Roots” comes into play. It’s a simplified style system, articulated to help you dress according to your personalized aesthetics without feeling constricted or strained.  In a way, “Style Roots” is relatively similar to ‘Kitchener style essence,” yet...
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