The Natural Style Essence— How To Style Your Wardrobe?
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12 Jun

The Natural Style Essence— How To Style Your Wardrobe?

Are you wondering what is the Natural Style Essence and how to use it for your own benefit?

This article has all the answers!

The natural style essence is probably the most undervalued in Kitchener’s typing system. While in reality, this essence is what leads our current fashion industry! 

They can pull off casual outfits with a strong statement.

While others may seem ‘basic’ or ‘boring’ in a natural wardrobe, individuals with this essence bring life to the most mundane or simple outwears.

Can you imagine Aishwarya Rai Bachan wearing loose-fit pants and a plain beige T-shirt?

That wouldn’t seem and feel right, would it?

natural style essence

She looks very basic, boring, and underdressed in natural essence. Now, take Jennifer Lawrence in the same outfit, and your point of view will change.

She looks absolutely stunning in that piece! 

That’s the thing about Jennifer Lawrence; she is a natural— she is carefree, smart, hilarious, fun-loving, beautiful, and the perfect embodiment of a free soul.

natural style essence
natural style essence

That’s precisely the vibe of individuals with a natural style essence. 

‘Ordinary’ is too basic of a term for someone so positive and breezy; the correct annotation for naturals should be ‘lively’ and ‘serene.’ 

They attract positivity and fill the environment with joy.

The term ‘Natural’ brings you closer to sunshine; you think of light and serendipity.

I mean, look at Gigi Hadid, Jennifer Aniston, and Lisa Bonet— they brighten the room with their presence.

natural style essence
natural style essence

You can also see this depiction in their style— their style is warm, comfortable, soulful, earthly, laid-back, and natural.

Any essence can look underdressed, but not the natural style essence!

They were born to slay every day and every hour. That’s also why natural celebrities’ airport look is most talked about! 

What is Natural Essence by Kitchener? 

After Dramatic and Gamine essence, Natural style is the third lost piece of Yang in the Kitchener system.

Unlike gamine and dramatic essence’s fierce and rogue nature, natural essence is more laid-back, casual, comfortable, and peaceful Yang. 

Kitchener describes this essence as the sportive casual yang style essence.

These individuals are often associated with activeness and energy; their style also sublimes this essence.

Their clothes aren’t impractical or uncomfortable in any sense, but they aren’t unfashionable either. 

Every outfit that natural essence wears is iconic and trendy!

There’s a reason why a natural style wardrobe rules our current fashion industry; it combines comfort and practicality in fashion. 

There’s a reason why people bait eyes on ‘airport looks.’ No celebrity is going to wear an evening gown to the airport, yet everybody anticipates what celebrities are wearing to the airport; that’s the power of natural style wardrobe in today’s fashion world. 

It isn’t limited to airports; we need constant intel on what these celebrities wear in their daily lives if not an evening dress. It all boils down to baggy pants, bralettes, basic tanks, cargos, tees with boho prints, etc.

natural style essence

Comfort is not all that is to the natural style essence; it also has earth, mother nature, the universe, and wilderness elements.

All this and much more is thoroughly incorporated into their wardrobe. 

Visually, individuals with natural style essence have an athletic body, accommodating square and rectangle shapes.

They are sturdy and actively built. 

This, however, doesn’t look masculine but tall, blunt, and fit. 

They have pretty faces and can have a lot of variations, like a beautiful landscape.

These individuals look best in their natural and raw existence. 

Why should you dress your essence?

Kitchener or Kibbe body-type systems can seem like a bothersome book of fashion laws and rules until you implement them in your personal life and style choices.

The amount of change you will notice is quite bewildering. 

Compliments will naturally find their way toward you once you start styling your essence.

Here’s a great natural celebrity example of how changing your wardrobe according to your essence works for you and not against you. 

I would bring light to Adele compared to Jennifer Lawrence or Gigi Hadid. 

In her romantic essence, Adele looks bewitching; her winged liner, thick and gelled wavy hair, sexy necklines, and the color red/black glorify her!

There’s no doubt she is stunning! 

iKAsPxCWduIEO j8mykdsHJlASee1BE9fM ln7r3qMh7BnwXjrwG7HuV

But look at her in the natural style; she doesn’t look bad, but casuals don’t bring out the best in her!

She looks plain, mundane, and literally underdressed. 


Now, look at Jennifer Lawrence in her natural styling— she looks relaxed yet stylish. 

gIIDuIox0JW2CtTQpfJ1OSPY4NMp7VpwXboRXx0iGRRrsvcxrxpQTIvrpLnqDcnvLxhJLBYnR941K73ofP3MlUosn6AtCPEFhr1keZ jqViuXLs0cfCFL6n5UN0o4VDpndS e10vpbo9C8rAnhnZsTI

She is an icon! Kitchener referred to Natural essence as the type who don’t regard themselves with fashion and only ever prioritize comfort and functionality.

Now, this definition is primitive, at least to say. Functionality was beyond fashion back in the time, but now it’s effortlessly iconic! 

On the contrary, Jennifer Lawrence looks awkward and uncomfortable in Ingenue or classic style because that’s not her essence. 

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Her essence is Romantic and Natural (probably some Gamine), and she stuns the crowd when in her essence.

If you haven’t seen her in the Majestic Cannes 2023 red gown, now is the time!

Here’s another example of our famous model Gigi Hadid.

She has a natural ingenue style (also ethereal). Look at her in her essence; she is everything a girl desires— fashionable, iconic, laid back, and yet daringly well-dressed. 

XZUFcyqDpDulTHdYY63W ayZpFJJrNR3 lOVGeU BlwSlkZRtxlQAvO54RwHd4i1VDVSrMBLLxUun1UC0hnVUorsE45tqiOM349eaRDPuzL9tDHptKlCpBFDOVQDcIATzGEElVMwl1zeVf9UrQ aC4

Nobody would call these looks basic or boring in today’s generation— THEY ARE THE TREND. 

Physical Characteristics Of Natural Style Essence

Unlike other Kitchener essences, height is a dominating factor for individuals with natural style essence, and so is the athleticness of their body.

It’s alright if your vibe doesn’t agree with every key feature Kitchener outline, but you will relate to most of them. 

Your body’s physical attributes fall somewhere between Dramatic essence and Gamine essence.

You are not angular like the dramatics but still have visible blunt edges. 

Your height is comparatively shorter than dramatics but still quite prevalent.

Heightwise, you stand next in the queue to the dramatic essence. So, your body type is very close to the dramatic essence. 

With respect to the Gamine essence, your face isn’t baby-like, but it’s a possibility (Shout out to Gigi Hadid.)

Regardlessly, your features still resemble a young era.

Face-wise, you are closer to the gamine essence. 

Bone structure

Natural essence has a wide and sturdy bone structure. You can witness this width in their face, shoulders, torso, waist, and limbs.

This width is also the reason why natural essence’s body type appears boxy (and elongated because they are naturally tall) 

This rectangular torso is curved at the waist, giving their figure a beautiful shape. Katrina Kaif is a great example; she is tall, wide, and blunt.

She looks very athletic, toned, and sporty. 

natural style essence

Natural body shape is neither extremely angular nor soft; it’s blunt at the edges; this is visible in their shoulders, hands, and facial feature (Chin, nose, and jawlines) 

Shoulder Width

Just like Kibbe’s natural body type, Kitchener’s natural essence is also often regarded with wide and prominent shoulders. It’s a key point in their appearance. 

Body Shape

Their bodies don’t appear fleshy but rather taut and toned.

Again, in reference to Gigi, her body is to die for! She is extremely fit, and each muscle is toned as if carved out of stone— justifying her Natural essence shape. 

natural style essence
natural style essence

Now, not every natural individual is taut and toned like Katrina Kaif, years of hard work there, to be honest. However, because of your wide and sturdy bone structure, your body naturally looks strong, sporty, and athletic. 

Natural bodies don’t have fleshy bottoms or breasts, but their bone structure and shoulder width give them a subtle waist definition. 

Face Shape

Overall, their faces look beautiful, wider, and fuller in bone structure. They do have visible jawlines, but the angles are blunt instead of being too sharp or soft.

The same goes for their cheekbones; they are highlighted and slightly uplifted but still blunt in appearance, but high cheekbones aren’t always the case.  

You may have noticed, individuals with natural essence often have full and uplifted cheeks; there’s visible roundness in their cheek area. 

As for their chin, it’s well-defined and slightly tapered but not edgy, only blunt. This mix of features makes their face appear square or rectangle-ish with rounded edges. 


Individuals with natural style essence generally have small eyes, both vertically and horizontally. However, exceptions may follow!

Their eyes crease at the hint of a smile/laughter, and that’s a part of their lively personality. 


Their nose is wide and blunt, just like their bone structure. This indifference in their nose and eyes creates a lot of irregularities in their features, annotating them the title of a beautiful but irregular landscape. 

Their features don’t particularly harmonize with each other, be it their nose, lips, or eyes. They exist together independently, creating a beautiful contrast. 

natural style essence


Individuals with natural style essence look best in their natural hair, the hair they were born with.

The best hairstyle for them is no hairstyle at all. Being natural and real brings them closer to their essence, thus intensifying their beauty. 

Others may need multiple tools and products to attain their style essence hairstyle, but natural beauties don’t even need to try.

They look best in natural long, flowy hair left untied to play and swing with the wind. 

As for the color, any earthy tone would accentuate your natural beauty, but you do need to consider your seasonal color to compliment your tones. 

Long, flowy, and wavy/natural curls look best on individuals with natural essence, but loose braids are equally flattering. 


As mentioned before, Natural individuals are generally tall and wide; they have standard verticality throughout their bodies and not just their limbs. 

Natural Style Clothing

Trust me when I say this, the amount of fashion and style choices you have as a natural is unimaginable and unbelievable.

The variety quite literally makes other essences envious of your wardrobe. 

Others must work ‘really’ hard to find clothes (especially casual wear) to complement their essence. 

On the contrary, the markets, malls, and our whole fashion industry is studded with natural styles— it revolves around your essence. 

It’s not just about comfortable outfits, jeans, and tops anymore; the variety and variation are uncountable and, might I add, fashionably iconic. 

Even the current color palette of our fashion industry is ruled by the natural style essence— you will find earthy, nude, and warm hues everywhere.

It doesn’t stop at that; loose-fit and baggy clothes are going nowhere anytime soon. 

So, to be a natural in this era is golden, glorious, and iconic.

You will never go out of fashion when adorning your body with your natural style essence. 

Loose fit or baggy clothes aesthetics

Tight clothes are often regarded with discomfort, and your essence is all about choosing a comfy and movable fashion.

So, your first priority would be choosing outfits that won’t suffocate you or snatch your freedom of motion, bottom or top. 

As a natural, you can absolutely rock baggy pants/bottoms-baggy top combination or baggy dresses, and nobody would dare point a finger. 

natural style essence

It’s also important to note that people who don’t understand style and body typing would try to make fun of your outfit choices. 

Still, their opinion doesn’t matter because they are no experts— they are people brought up in a stereotyped and conventional society far from fashion.

Don’t bat an eye on them or their opinion. 

Anything loose or unstructured is perfect, including loose hoodies, sweatshirts, pullovers, denim jeans, cargoes, dungarees, dresses, etc. 

This doesn’t mean you cannot wear body-fit clothes. They are good to go as long as they are stretchable and soft! Sports bras, tops, bralettes, high or turtlenecks, bodysuits, etc.

For the bottoms, you have stretchable leggings, jumpers, denim jeans, etc.

When wearing tights, the fabric is of great importance. The best outfit choices would be matching your body fit stretchable crop tops with baggy bottoms.

Bodyfit tops enhance and bring light to your wide torso!

Unstructured stitch— Relaxed clothing

You are as carefree as anything can get; this is very well depicted in your essence when you choose unstructured and unsymmetrical stitching. 

You don’t care if the outfit has symmetry or conventional stitching as long as it lets you express yourself. So, you can have a lot of indifference in your natural essence clothes from top to bottom. 

natural style essence

Fabric choices

When choosing fabric, you want something that has a beautiful fall and smoothness. Stiff material that offers structure may seem unnatural and unsettling to your natural body type. 

Whether body-fit or baggy, your material should fall on your body freely; it shouldn’t appear tailored.

With the perfect fall, your fabric should also be smooth, enhancing comfort. It’s alright if the fabric is crisp, but it shouldn’t be hard. 

Remember, your smooth and flowy fabric needs to have considerate volume or thickness (like cashmere), especially when choosing loose-fit or baggy styles. 

Thin fabrics are great choices when you want to provide a little definition to your waist and body shape, especially when selecting a dress— linen, hemp, poplin, bamboo, muslin, or cotton are perfect for such selection. 

For stretchable outfits, you want to go with jersey, spandex, or rib-knit fabrics.

You want to choose fabrics that are closer to their natural state. 


Denim is the hallmark of natural style essence— you can never go wrong with this fabric choice. It was woven for comfort and casual wear. 

So anything made of denim is already a winner for natural style essence, whether a shirt, jacket, jeans, tops, dresses, shorts, dungarees, one-pieces or the whole outfit.

The best part of choosing denim is that it’s stretchable and comes in multiple colors, not just blue. 

Earthy tones and nude colors

Natural style essence moves towards nature in every sense, be it color, comfort, or overall outlook.

Naturally, your essence will look best in earthy and deep values and chromas. 

You gravitate towards muted or deep colors like pastel crimson, olive green, beige, off-white, gray, muddy brown, auburn, and other (all) autumn colors. 

Remember, your colors are low in chroma and values; they are mute— not bright or light but grayed or influenced by black color. 

  • Low values of color: Colors away from light/brightness and closer to black. 
  • Low chroma: Saturated colors are influenced by the color gray; they are mute, dense, and highly pigmented. 

This doesn’t mean you cannot wear light colors; beige and other nude or off-whites are still your hallmark. 

To learn more about color theory and seasonal colors, refer to this article: Seasonal color analysis— the secrets of color wheel you need to know!

Bohemian prints— Natural clothes

Add bohemian prints to your wardrobe after choosing the right colors for your palette and essence.

It will enhance your mother Earth elements and make you come across as someone closer to their roots. 

Just like there’s an emo style for gamine essence, the natural style essence has tribal and gypsy values. 

So, add as many detailed and artistic prints to your outfit choices as possible. Here are a few great ideas after tribal patterns:

  • Kalamkari 
  • Block printing
  • Bandhani
  • Warli art, etc. 

Avoid chunky, geometric, or massive prints/patterns. When wearing bohemian styles, show as much skin as you’d like; it matches the vibe. 


Layering doesn’t overburden natural body types like it would other frames. Endowed with a sturdy body, natural individuals can easily pull off layers in their style choices without looking suffocatingly bent.

They stand straight and upright, not crouched or disorderly. 

Layering your outfits also emphasizes your free and comfortable choices— it allows you to accommodate the weather without looking unfashionable. 

Yes, it’s possible in summer as well. Layering doesn’t only mean clothes; you can also layer accessories and jewelry in your style essence. 


As a natural, your dresses aren’t bodycon or curve flaunting— they are flowy and windy.

Your dresses don’t always have to be too tight or loose; they can reside somewhere in the middle with a subtle definition around the waist. 

Add bohemian belts made of jute, threads, and beads to wrap your waist subtly. Remember, it shouldn’t be too constricting or tight around the curve, either. 

Bottoms should be airy, so A-line and asymmetrical skirts are a great addition to your dress.

The best length should reach your knees or further down, but short dresses will do, too, as long as they have a divider inside.

By all means, welcome frilly details in your dresses and other outfits. 


Don’t hide your shoulders; they glorify you. The best necklines for you would be off-shoulders, thin straps, sleeveless, frill sleeves, shirt collars, body-fit turtlenecks, loose v-necks, u-neck, etc. 

Deep or open necklines don’t sexualize you but rather bring your free and lively essence to life. 

Try to emphasize your shoulder and collarbones as much as possible; they will enhance your overall look. 


Accessories are a must in your essence, especially bandanas, headbands, and scarves. Choose similar fabrics for your headbands mentioned above. 

After head scarves, you want to go for tribal and artistic jewelry made of seashells, multi-colored beads, gemstones, black threads, antic coins, etc.

Don’t be subtle with your jewelry, especially when wearing tribal or bohemian getups. 

Adorn your whole look with multiple bracelets, gemstone rings, anklets, neck chains, ear cuffs, etc. 

Mandala tattoos will go with your overall vibe as well. 


Like your hair, you want to keep your makeup bare minimum or natural. No-makeup look or nude makeup looks best on individuals with this essence.

So, tint your lips a little and blush your cheeks subtly to enhance your beauty. 

Natural style celebrities

Here are a few natural celebrities you can follow after Gigi Hadid and Jennifer Lawrence. 

  • Lisa Bonet: Lisa has an ethereal Natural style and has some great wardrobe gypsy and boho suggestions. 
  • Eva Longoria. 
  • Anne Hathaway: Natural Classic style (Also has romantic in her essence)
  • Mylie Cyrus is our Romantic Natural Gamine celebrity.
  • Gwyneth Paltrow: Natural classic style (with ethereal essence)
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