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10 Apr

The only best mascara to hold a curl in 2019

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Looking to find the best mascara for your eyes?

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The story of my very best mascara that would hold a curl started when I was 16. I used all drugstore supplies back then without even realizing that the ingredients could ruin the structure of my eyelashes.

Cheap mascara was making my eyelashes itch and I have grown to get sensitive eyes. It wasn’t about the mascara anymore, I was in the journey to get the best mascara to hold a curl!

Sophia Loren: “Beauty is how you feel inside and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical”.

I’m pretty sure you yourself have noticed that the quality of your eyelashes has changed since you started using mascaras. And probably your very best mascara wasn’t the best at all.

Can the best mascara to hold a curl be natural?

I was an avid user of all additional helpers to grow back my lashes just like castor oil and all known brands serum for rapid growth from Etude house. Not all of them left a good result and none of them made a miracle overnight. Nevertheless, that did not cancel the fact that I still wanted to use mascara to define my eyes. So the question was: “What is the best and safe mascara”?

Mascara Suitable for sensitive eyes

And I have finally found this miracle that consisted of all only natural ingredients. So that also means that if you have sensitive eyes – it will not irritate you. You do not need to use a makeup remover since it comes off naturally with a splash of water. This mascara actually makes your lashed GROW! Since it is absolutely Eco-friendly. A big SHOUTOUT to you, VEGANs.

RiRe black natural mascara and a white essence, which is a transparent mascara for lashes with nutrients. I do tust Amazon and Korean beauty secrets! Check it out yourself!

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