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8 May

Shopping List of a Fashion victim: Budget-friendly shopping guide

shopping list fashion 2019

What could be your shopping list?

This is the best advice from a personal stylist that you could ever find for free

So buckle up and let’s continue with your shopping list!

T-shirt and shirt to shop for

First and almost the most important is the renewal of the basics at last once a year. As I have mentioned before your basic wardrobe always starts with a white T-shirt or a white basic shirt.

Depending on your personal preferences this is the hot thing this season. Pay your attention to materials like cotton and silk. As it is a hot season it is not advisable to wear materials such as polyester.

Shopping list 2019 white shirt

Jeans for a shopping list

A new pair of jeans should always be on your seasonal shopping list. This year we are lucky to get all comfortable and wear loose mom jeans. You can make it look casual and even more formal if you add a linen jacket.

I would emphasize the best choice of the year – flared trousers. Flared trousers with a high waist. This will not only make you look taller but also slimmer. Really try to take a closer look at the trousers.

Vintage style trend this year is like shooting stars. Everyone needs to pay attention to vintage stores where you can check out vintage Levi’s or Wrangler jeans. There is no similar pair of jeans in 2019. You can only find a good pair of vintage 90’s style trousers at vintage places. Otherwise. you can always check out eBay Vestiaire Collective sellers.

Shopping list 2019 white flared trousers

Bags for a shopping list

Jacquemus bags this year is all about class. Their chic and strap geometry makes all the outfits look more elegant and unusual. Pastel colors for spring-summer 2019 are right on spot.

I would always advise to check out vintage additions as it would show your style. If you are wearing a vintage piece – you understand fashion. Wearing vintage is always about a personal unique style. If you want to have it – check out vintage bags here.

Shopping list 2019 bags to buy

Shoes for shopping list

A square nose has returned from 1997. It is a great idea to try those sandals for summer at Zara in a white variant or here at Asos. It is always a better idea to play with fashion trends at a more affordable shop and see if it suits you or not.

To give it a little bit of boho style add some black or white cowboy boots. Try it with a loose summer dress in a polka dot print.

Shopping list 2019 polka dot dress cowboy boots

Accessories for shopping list

A silk scarf has taken my heart this season. I myself couldn’t even imagine a simple silk scarf can be so versatile and useful in everyday life.

This season Burberry has demonstrated a new way to wear it- instead of your everyday belt with trousers and jeans.

I would personally love to wear it as a headscarf and an accessory for a ponytail, a braid, and even a bag.

A good silk scarf can found at any luxury brand like Hermés. A lot of vintage boutiques and online sellers can offer you a good price for a vintage Cartier for example.

It does not necessarily have to be a big brand, it can also be a scarf from Asos or its alternative. Use it for your hair t be different from everyone else. Fashion, after all, defines your individuality.

Shopping list 2019 silk scarf
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